Thursday, May 12, 2016

Holding My Chin Up and Pressing Forward

Tuesday, May 10th was primary voting night here in the great Mountain State of West Virginia. For weeks now I've been telling my close friends, sending emails, talking on the phone- here is the list of those candidates who stand with us in the fight against this heroin epidemic here in Martinsburg and Berkeley County.

I was able to convince many friends to stand on our side and vote for those candidates who are standing with us to say, Yes... We Need Change Here! What can I do to help?

Tuesday night I went to bed with a sense of relief. Although this
was only the primary election here that our voices at the ballot box would be heard loud and clear.

It's funny how things turn out isn't it?

I woke up early Wednesday morning, turned on the computer to see the results and can say I am heartbroken to say the least to see many candidates that supported us in this fight against heroin here in Martinsburg and Berkeley County will not be on the ticket in the General Election.

Sheriff For Instance:
Scott Myers in not on the ticket in November. We need a man like him as our sheriff here. I think we need to grow more support for Scott and write him in on the November ballot.

There is no denying that force needs some major overhaul. Scott is the man to get that done.

I'm questionable about Mr. Orem- mainly because of some things in the past. (wink wink) If ya know what I mean.

Now we do have several on the ticket in November who are on our side...

Mr. Small is on the ticket for county clerk

I am very happy that we do have a new candidate on the ballot for prosecuting attorney Katie Wilkes Dellgatti after what, twenty six years here in Berkeley County we have some change on the prosecutor level? Congratulations Katie!!!

I'm sure it was because many people remember the $5.00 fine for officer and the stolen drugs out of the evidence room.

Doug Copenhaver, I'm still questionable and wonder because of what is still needed on the county side of this treatment center. And well, I'm not really thrilled about being taxed for the rain that falls in a puddle in my driveway.

Michele Barnes-Russell- Is on the November ticket for School Board

But the others for instance, Scott Myers, David Manthos, Christy Santana and Tia Coode and Steve Redding. I am heartbroken over these.

I haven't found out yet about Winchester Hopkins, Is he on the ticket for Council At Large Seat? I don't live in the city so I was unable to vote for city council seats. He will make a great Council.

For months and weeks it's like we gave it our all to rally, support and get others involved to support those candidates and yet, it feels as if our all wasn't good enough.

Personally for us when election time comes rolling around as it does every so many years we look for the candidates as we were taught-

What candidate stands with us on our issues?

What candidate will protect and fight for our freedoms and our liberties?

What candidate protects and fights for our rights under the Constitution of the United States- the very foundation given to us by our forefathers that makes this country great?

But there is always the side of who has the most money!
That is what I can't wrap my head around in the small town politics here in this town... No Really!
Back in the day they called them the, "good ole boy network" Today's lingo call them, "The Establishment"

Money will always talk in this town, won't it?

Unless it is affecting them personally, they will never see our side of this heroin epidemic. I pray none of them have to walk in our shoes but,  Even then I wonder if the money and the establishment would see our side then! Because then it is up to the one who has their hand in that pocket...

Something is clearly wrong in this town. I keep thinking that maybe the questions to them should start getting a little bit harder.

All I can see is that the harder questions need asked, right now and there needs to be some accountability for this heroin and opiate epidemic placed on the tables of The Establishment.

Here we are today begging for a treatment center to help our local people addicted to heroin and opiates and what we really should be doing is asking the more tougher questions:
  • What happened after the 1986 bust of the crack cocaine here, The Hill? What really happened?
  • Why is it that crack never left this area after the bust and went unaccounted for?
  • Why is it that soon after the 1986 bust, meth moved into the area and went for years unaccounted?
  • Why is it that the late 90's early 2000 heroin moved here and went unaccounted?
  • Oh you do a good job hauling in the weed smokers and those addicted to opiates and heroin to criminalize those, but what about high scale the traffickers of this poison to this town? What have you really done to stop that?
  • How then is it that we are here at the highest level of heroin and opiates and now we are in a heroin epidemic in this town?
  • Why is it that Berkeley County has the highest number of heroin and opiate related overdoses and deaths in all of the state?
We can turn in all the petitions we want. If we do not start asking the questions and holding them accountable to answer them in the end we will only be left with printed paper.
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