Never Forget Them

This is a memorial page because I do not want anyone in this town who has lost their battle with heroin addiction to ever be forgotten.

We Need To Forever Remember them and always
Speak their Names...

Tiffany Everhart

Amber Hockenberry
Tabitha Moricle

Jessica Seeley
1/13/92 to 5/4/ 2013
Jessie's Story

Leslee Ann Garza

R.J. Hite

Tavis Roberts
Jason Chalmers

C.J. Donaldson
Randy Catlett
James Vanorsdale
Douglas Copenhaver, Jr
Matthew Himmelright

Armando Medrano
Robert Winans
Mark Arvin
Christina Miller

Paula Nails

Todd Nails
Kelli Austin

Gage Hess
June 1995-July 2016
Gage's Story 
as told to the local newspaper

Nicholas Kelsey
Amanda Baugher

David Clark, Jr.
Shana Willison

Jason Chalmers

Bridget Comer

Robert Bowers

Kenny Shepherd
Kirtlan Bowers
Chandra Gray
 Sierra LeAnn Hernandez
JD Stephens
 Tiffany Corbin 
Jessica Hartwell 
Naeem Paige,
Renee Householder

Stephanie Stevens
John Bittorie
Chris Smith
Joel Custer

Sonjia Yancey
Stephanie Hockenberry
Emily Markle

Drug Related Death, but not Overdose...

Tina Starcher
Died May 27, 2007
Tina's Story
Tina was addicted to heroin and was murdered

Cody Grove
Cody's Story
Cody's story is one that terrifies a lot of us who love someone addicted. Cody in desperation, tired of fighting the fight, tired of feeling he was disappointing his family decided to take his own life

Caleb Connor
Killed by a driver under the influence of marijuana

Taylor Wilson
Taylor's Story
Taylor is not from Martinsburg or Berkeley County, WV. She was from Huntington, WV. My son met her at an NA meeting in Huntington during his short stay at the Newness of Life in Huntington, WV.  Taylor was waiting on a bed. Her story resonates so many others that I have spoken with.

The Butterfly on each of their shoulders represent Butterfly Kisses

This song is for you...

If you are local there is a new Facebook Support Group, We Lost Our Children To A Heroin Overdose

*** If there is a picture listed here that you do not want to be listed here, please let me know by emailing: or leave a comment below. I will remove it.
***I am seeking more names to memorialize. If you know of someone who lost their battle with heroin addiction here in this town please let me know so that I can add them here.
***I would also love to share their stories anyone interested please email me at
***This is not all of those in this area who have died from overdose and heroin and drug-related deaths. I wish I knew all of their names to list here.

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  1. It's beautiful that you're posting in their memory. It's sad that they are gone. They live on forever in people's hearts and thoughts. My prayers goes out to the family, loved ones, and friends.

    1. Elsie I wish I had all of their names and their pictures and faces to memorialize on this page. All of them are gone too soon. :( Thanks for stopping by this page

  2. We lost our beautiful daughter to heroin overdose Nov.12, 2016. Forever in our hearts:
    Leslee-Anne Garza 6/9/89-11/12/16

    1. I am so sorry to hear about your daughter. :( Your family is in my thoughts and prayers.

    2. RJ Hite passed 10.31.18

    3. I am going to add their names to this wall. Thank you.