Thursday, April 20, 2017

Questions About Medical Marijuana

Today is the day for a challenging letter, the letter Q and the third week of the April A-Z Blog Challenge. Are you blogging to the challenge? Keeping up? 

For my post today the letter Q is about questions and boy do I have a lot of them especially when it relates to the heroin epidemic or just about any drug for that matter. Today, I have a lot of questions about the Marijuana debate and Marijuana X.

Today seems pretty insignificant. In the April A-Z Challenge, it is the day for the letter Q and often hard letter to write a topic. It is one of the letters of the alphabet that is hard to find words when applying it to a theme. Today is also April 20th. Maybe that is also insignificant to you but to stoners, it is 4/20 and their day to celebrate.

I know I've said it over and over again this month but it seems to apply to this debate. "Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results each time" and the questions I have about of this is no different such as, is this a slippery slope? What about not harming people? What is this government approved medical marijuana? What is this synthetic form of marijuana that I am hearing about? I found a short clip that raised some concerns. Take a look at 

Steered Straight Media who produced this documentary says, "It's just not marijuana anymore! Weed is being commercialized. It is being genetically modified and chemically altered on a commercial basis. The very nature of these changes should infuriate the very naturalist legalizers that have led the legalize movement. Butane Hash Oil, edibles, and concentrates are all products that contradict the natural argument. The "It's just Weed" slogan no longer applies. THIS is not your Grandfather's Pot!

I don't know why I have so many questions. I say I don't stand in the way of any treatment for others, but I can't help thinking that years ago we were told nicotine was non-addictive. We trusted those who stood in Congress then yet today nicotine is as addictive as heroin and in fact teases the same pleasure centers of the brain. Many others were told OxyContin was non-addictive yet how many have died from this addiction?

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  1. There are definitely people who abuse marijuana. I think ANYTHING can be psychologically addictive...heck, junk food is the top addiction in America, isn't it? But I do see marijuana as less dangerous than alcohol. I'd rather someone smoke a joint and drive than drink and drive if I'm on the road (although when combined with drinking, marijuana makes someone extremely dangerous behind the wheel). That said--for a long time, I thought the whole "medical marijuana" thing was a joke. That anyone could get a card. Apparently in California that's what it's become. But in most states, there are strict guidelines and it's pretty much only for people with severe conditions. "Headaches" and "back pain" won't cut it. If it's regulated like that, I have no problem with it--ESPECIALLY since they have figured out a way to extract the oil and dose it. I think that part has to go through regulations first? But once you take away the "high" part of marijuana, you'll get rid of people just using medical conditions as an excuse to smoke it.

  2. 4/20...what a great day for this post. I love when people say, "I never heard of anyone ODing on weed." Me either, and while there are many productive people who have the ability to smoke dope and maintain a healthy lifestyle, there are many others who can't. I can only say from my own experience, it was a gateway drug for me. Had it been legal back when I was in high school, put into edibles like it is now...I'm not sure that even the Grace of God would've saved me. I became an addict at a young age and now weed is so readily available kids are bringing it to school in their lunch boxes in middle school. How can teachers and counselors fight that? How can parents fight it? It's a whole new world. I'm all about medical use, and even legalized use if done concern is keeping it out of the hands of the kids.

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