Friday, October 12, 2018

Challenge Myself: Day #234 Find Deals on the Internet

Today is Day #234 of the Just For Today Challenge and I am so behind. I am also integrating the Live Happy into my daily Challenge. This segment of challenges has been about hobbies. The Live Happy Challenge for today tells us to search the Internet to find lower prices for our hobby supplies.

The book says,

Hobbies can be an expensive enterprise. Take photography for example. Cameras and lenses can cost a small fortune. Oil painters have a similar problem if they want high-quality paint and premium canvases.

But if you have time and persistence you can often find items you need for your hobby at competitive prices on the Internet. Teaming up with others who share your interest in a particular hobby can sometimes help you get a better price because you can buy in bulk.

Search for those good deals and share them with your crafting friends and colleagues. Buy two for one when possible, such as tubes of oil paint or bags of beads, and look for other ways to reduce your cost of buying hobby materials.

Just for Today: Be Happy

From the book Live Happy

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Stay Strong In the Fight!

Social media has a way of reminding us about memories, doesn't it? Today I was reminded about the petition to the City of Martinsburg, WV and to the Berkeley County Council the need for a treatment center right here not hours away because the numbers of beds don't meet the demand.

From the beginning and even until today one of the greatest battles was trying to convince them how much this was needed. It often seemed like apparently those who had already died and those continuing to die from heroin and a heroin addiction wasn't good enough.

Our voices continued to grow louder trying to convince officials what was needed in the fight for recovery.

Even as far as we've come in this fight there are those who scream, Let Them Die! Oh, they've tried to smooth it all over when confronted by trying to say they too have family and friends addicted but honestly just who the hell heck loves an addict and screams for them to die?

Who wants someone you claim to love to die from heroin and this addiction? No one I know. At least I've not met one person yet in any circle that has that feeling. No one I know stands on that first step screaming, Let them die!

Just know that the NIMBY's are everywhere! They always will be.

Have you noticed that even today people continue overdosing on our streets? They overdose in public bathrooms, on sidewalks, and in the streets. They continue to overdose in parking lots all over town. This is proof that awareness is not enough.

In case you are wondering it is also the loudest scream for help an addict is giving. It is proof that these people do want help, they just don't know the way.

It is proof they want to live in the hopes that they will be found and revived. Some of them don't live. They are too beyond help when they are found. This is all the proof needed.

The voices are continuing to grow louder. Stay strong in the fight against heroin and stigma!

The Petition 

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Friday, October 5, 2018

The Transformation: From Chrysalis To Butterfly

I remember many years ago my oldest son did the Chrysalis walk at a youth group retreat sponsored by the church.

You may be wondering, what is a chrysalis?

A chrysalis is a stage in a butterflies life. The stage between the caterpillar, the emerging and the transformation of the beautiful butterfly that lived inside of the cocoon.

Isn't this a nice way to describe someone who is in treatment for a drug problem and how they emerge and transform? The transformation from the life of abusing drugs to the wonderful, person inside of themselves.

Go ahead!!! Celebrate Recovery!!! Celebrate the Transformation. You are a new person!!!!

HEADLINE: BC Teacher Aide Arrested

A story came out this week and is being shared all over social media about the teacher's aide who was arrested at the school she worked. Not only was she high on the job but she was also charged with possession while in the school.

Berkeley County, W.Va., Teacher Aide Charged With Possession of a Controlled Substance

I would like to thank the journalist who reported this story fairly and accurately. I read the Herald-Mail now because our own local paper really doesn't report a lot of local news. If you are a criminal or charged with a drug violation they have an entire section of the paper dedicated to the listing of the charges. Not many stories follow, just listings of names and a few times after hearings. 

Sometimes there is an occasional story about those charged and sentenced for crimes relating to drug dealing. I often wonder what is wrong with a system that the drug dealers often get no or little time sentence for drug dealing, but those who commit crimes due to their addiction are given maximum sentences.

I personally have so many mixed emotions since this news came out. As a grandparent, I am angry because one of my grandkids goes to that school. It just proves what I have said all along, drugs are in the school system and not just at the student level.

As a mother of addicts- clean today, struggling daily, my heart goes out to that person and her family because as I've said so many times, heroin and addiction do not discriminate. This story just like many others of professionals proves it doesn't matter who you are or what profession you have, so many people struggle with addiction to heroin.

I am also angry that this proves that apparently, teachers and BOE workers are not being drug tested. 

Honestly (and in my opinion) this answers so many questions and proves that testing needs to be done each year before the start of the school year and randomly throughout the year. 

I think all state workers, not just a selected few need to be drug tested especially if their paychecks are coming from taxpayer money in the state.

I also think this needs to be done as high as the government level- governor, senators, and representatives- and right on down the chain to all of those in any state paying jobs.

I hope that the person accused will receive drug counseling and help.

The story reported by Matthew Umstead @ Herald-Mail

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Not My Child...

Oh, I have been there in those shoes before. It was many years ago in 2005 to be exact. Oh no, not my child...

It took me awhile. My heart was telling me something wasn't right but I, of course, didn't listen to those gut feelings. I listened to others when I asked...
Friends and Siblings who knew but didn't want to hurt our feelings
The Spouse who told us no, but later learning she was an addict herself.

I was pulled into the tangled web of the enabler.

After blowing through a savings account and cashing out a CD Account when there wasn't anything left to give... it was they resorted to stealing our possessions.

Jewelry with sentimental value and a Christmas present stolen and pawned right out of the program the Grinch Who Stole Christmas- let me tell ya.
A Sony PlayStation left under the Christmas tree just one day vanished. Poof... it's location unknown.

CD's, DVD's, tools, and three vehicles. Yep

A truck that didn't run and needed some work. We were told I need to fix it up so I can get out and find a job and then get to work. We have no clue whatever happened to it.

An SUV- That vehicle was running and was for sale. It was parked at a family members house. He called and said he had a buyer for it. The so called buyer picked it up. Our son told us he had left the money with the family member, Oh No. Boy what a scam that was. We had the title to it and refused to give the title up. We could never locate the vehicle so we also do not ever know what happened to it.

A Car- This car I used for work. It blew a head gasket and was towed back to my driveway. My son called me at work and asked me for it. I told him I hadn't had a chance to clean it out and that I needed to talk to his dad first. When I got home from work, it was gone out of the driveway. I am clueless

Well, I was clueless back then. Since I've learned from another the car went to salvage and the truck and SUV were exchanged for drugs.

Just how the F do you do an exchange for drugs- the truck yep the hubby had given him the title but the SUV- we still have the title to it.

It took awhile. There were several years of some really tough love, a lot of interventions that went out the window... I honestly don't think they work.

Finally, the day comes when we had to admit it. Our son was a heroin addict.

This time we are already there and calling it what it is... Our son is a heroin addict. We learned a lot of lessons on our first ride through heroinville.

Each time however after the sky falls down and the bottom drops out... here we are once again left with the shell of a son that honestly we don't recognize him anymore.

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Cleaning Up The Posts and Corrections

I have been going back over posts here and cleaning them up. It is amazing the errors we can make in grammar, spelling, and punctuation with tears in our eyes. I vow those errors were not made in vain. They were made from all the emotions I went through while typing them. They were made from words that poured from a mothers broken heart.

I apologize if any of these corrected postings are appearing in your email box. I am not spamming I am making much-needed corrections and polishing up posts. I cannot figure out what happened that changed their original post date. 

Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Inspiration in Song: For those Strugggling With Heroin and Those Who Are Clean

This is for those currently struggling with a heroin addiction and to those who are clean and free of the chains of a heroin addiction...

Tell Your Heart To Beat Again...

And for our son... Kyle. You broke those chains once we know you can do it again!!!!

Inspiration In Song: This Is For Those Who Have Lost a Loved One To This Epidemic...

This song is for anyone who has lost a loved one to heroin...

A Reality of Heroin, Addiction and It's Abuse Is

Last night I found a piece of a post I had started working on back in January and have added to it. It's official I guess. I'm back with this piece.
It was announced recently that heroin and opioid abuse is now the #1 leading cause of death in the United States for persons age 50 and under. This epidemic has surpassed heart disease, diabetes and cancer as the leading cause of death in this country.
The reality is that heroin and it's abuse is preventable and is treatable.
IF everyone can get on the same page.

We are learning that aside from all of the new information that it is affecting every company.  Companies are realizing just how much this has affected their workplace where drug-related injuries have skyrocketed and caused companies billions of dollars in workers compensation.  Companies are experiencing the trend that overdosing on the job seems to be the norm these days.
 It disrupts the daily workflow which can also cost companies a lot of money.
Last week I posted that I am once again working on a few pieces for this blog. I have been contacted by quite a few people. I hadn't realized how much some missed reading here.

While I am working on a few posts coming soon, I thought I would share that we on this side of loving someone with this addiction have always said that addiction to heroin and opioid addiction doesn't discriminate.

Heroin doesn't care if you are rich or poor, it affects both the same.

Heroin does not care if you were prom king or queen, very popular at school, or football jock, or the quiet shy person in school who had few friends.

Heroin doesn't care about your job. It doesn't care if you are a construction worker, banker, CEO police officer, politician or pastor.

Heroin doesn't care that you attend church every Sunday.

Heroin does not care how you vote at the polls. It is neither democrat or republican or any other political party one may be affiliated with.

Heroin does heroin care which gender or race you are.
Heroin is killing everyone and destroying lives. It is tearing at the very threads of the American family and the values of every family in this country alike; rich or poor and young and old.
Sometimes when asked where I stand my response is simple,
I stand on shaky ground where heroin and addiction are concerned. 
If you want to be a part of my blog I certainly welcome all. If you don't wish to, I understand that as well.

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Monday, October 1, 2018

Challenge Myself: Day #233 Attend Hobby and Trade Shows

Today is Day #232 of the Just For Today Challenge. I am also integrating the Live Happy into my Challenge. The Live Happy Challenge for today tells says we should attend trade shows.

The book says,

When you feel passionate about your hobby, nothing gets your creative juices flowing like attending a convention or a trade show. 

From scrapbooking to cooking, quilting, designing (everything from furniture and boats to clothing), and collecting (wine, coins, stamps, sports or movie memorabilia, religious items, dishware, or virtually anything), you'll likely find a trade show for it.

Locate one for your hobby by searching the Internet or perusing magazines or newsletters for enthusiasts who share your passion about your particular hobby and for discovering the latest greatest innovations or products.

Many industry trade shows and conventions are for wholesale buyers only, but some do welcome hobbyists and the general public.

Etsy is a great place to find and sell your handcrafted items. Just click the link to Etsy to find the login page. I have purchased a few handcrafted jewelry pieces from Etsy.

Now since this is about hobbies and fundraising be sure that you are donating to a reputable charity. Ask questions about just what your donation will be used for. A Google search of keywords found a lot of information on this. One I found is Charity 101 which allows you to enter in a search.

Just For Today: I will continue to search for ways to help charities 
from the book:  Live Happy

Friday, September 28, 2018

Challenge Myself: Day #232 Turn Your Hobby Into a Fundraiser

I am once again going to start the Just For Today/Live Happy Postings. Today is Day #232 of the Just For Today Challenge. I am also integrating the Live Happy into my Challenge. The Live Happy Challenge for today tells us ways that our hobby can become a fundraiser

The book says,

Consider your hobby as a way to raise funds for your favorite causes. Let's say you paint wooden ornaments and tie them with red ribbons to hang on Christmas trees.

You fashion napkin rings out of Christmas dried floral items, wire and floral tape. Or, you make wind chimes out of spoons or little Mexican crosses. You make birdhouses, sew placemats, or breed orchids.

Think of four or more ways you could spin off your hobby into fundraising. For example, you could:

*Host or participate in a holiday boutique.

*Approach a hospital to organize a silent auction to purchase a piece of equipment.

*Sell your items through your own website.

*Auction your items on an online auction site and then donate the proceeds.

The ideas are endless. These are only what the book suggests. Here are a few more ideas I found on Pinterest

Live Auction Ideas For Charity Events
From Pinterest

Just For Today: I will look for ways to promote a favorite charity.

from the book:  Live Happy

Pic from Pinterest

Monday, September 24, 2018

A Quick Update

Today I had a few spare moments in between housework and a doctors appointment to stop in and check up on my blog. 

It is so in need of some love, isn't it?

I can't remember the last time I even wrote something. 

Between work, a fall with a severe injury involving my right hand back in April, my mom having dementia and then my dad was diagnosed with cancer a few weeks after my injury,  this has been quite the year.

I figure that I must be behind in writing when Grammarly sent me an email notice that I hadn't written anything in a long time. I also have had email notices from so many letting me know that I am lacking in blog writing.

I would have loved to participate in the April A-Z Blogging Challenge once again this year for this blog, but that wasn't even an option for me as I was in a cast until late June.

The cast is off, the hardware removed and therapy has ended maybe I can get back to what feels a somewhat normal existence.

Since this blog is about The Chronicles of Loving a Heroin Addict and is about addiction I would like to share that one addict is in jail; another is living clean, one finding the way back and another struggling. Life just goes on

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Living in the Shadows of Stigma

I have started to clear out the old draft folder trying to decide which stories to keep and share. I started writing this right before the April blog challenge and wanted to share this. I was thinking of using it on the day of the letter S. Living in the Shadow of Stigma.

Loving an addict is a lonely place to be especially when there comes a time that you realize you have none or just two very close friends who have stuck by your side throughout the fight. I have lost many very close friends. I guarantee you, it is a lonely place to be. It's often bad enough when you're friends have deserted, it's even more devastating when your family leaves you. And yes, that is where I lived for a very long time at the corner of Loneliness and Addiction for too many years.

Me, oh I used to love to laugh. I could laugh at anything, joke about anything, write anything funny because I wanted others to laugh too. Along the way, I lost my laughter, that joy for writing something funny. I couldn't even laugh so why try making others laugh?

Besides my Higher Power, I have to thank my hubby. He stood by me through all of this when many other families have broken apart.

On the days I said I wasn't getting up he did not allow any of that. He picked me up and said, "not today." Had it not have been for his persistence I am sure I would have sunk into a depression. There were often many days we put on music and just danced.

There were many days we also sat and talked because we really still don't understand many of the why's, like why our son?

I had many days of setting crying, begging, pleading, questioning and a few times cursing at God, Why Us?

Living in the Shadows of the Stigma of this disease is lonely. In those shadows I had people tell me that they wished our son would die. When I came out of the darkness and started speaking out it was then that so many told me our son was worth saving. 

I once had someone tell me they were going to kill my son. I have had family members tell me, to beat the shit out of him. Sadly, you can't beat addiction out of someone by means of assault and battery. If it were that easy I would have done that long ago.

I learned last year some of the answers to the why questions. For instance Why Us?

I believe it is so that I could be here, right now telling you our story, finding information to help others who are in this very place- they too love someone addicted.

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