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I know many of you reading this have a family member or loved one addicted to heroin or opiates and possibly other drugs. As the parent of an adult child addict I know what it's like trying to reach out to find the information to try to get someone help. We have to remember that we cannot help them until they want that help for themselves. I've been there with my own child reaching out to me, begging for me to find him help and only to hear, "We have no beds" We've been there when this escalated to a level of an attempted suicide because he didn't want to live like that anymore. Trust me, I know in my sons own addiction he has not kept up to things like insurance and Medicaid and web exchanges- he's an addict all he wants is his fix. I am also the parent who checks the mugshots webpage and ERJ webpage to see if he's been picked up. I know I am right there with you- standing beside you on this.

First before anything else what if you were told yes there is a bed available, what then? Will you be confident that you are sending your loved one to a qualified rehab for treatment? Please know that you need to consider the questions that you will ask first and have them written down. If you don't know what questions you should ask, here is a webpage with more information to use as a sample and include your own:

Questions To Ask A Drug Rehab
Inpatient, Outpatient, Detox, Medically Assisted... the list goes on and on. Just how do you choose which one best suits your needs or the need to the one you are seeking services for?

Which One Do I Choose?

Free Workbook Download. The Definitive Guide To Finding the Right Rehab

Be Careful of SCAM's in the World of Recovery
Arm yourself with information so that you can spot and avoid a SCAM

NOTE: I have not personally checked out any of these services.
Before you continue reading... First

IF you or someone you love is having a psychiatric issue related to drug use, abuse and heroin addiction right now, please call  East Ridge immediately to speak to a crisis counselor. The number is:

If you are needing assistance getting a loved one to a treatment center, there is Hope and Help...
MTM Transport

Even if your loved one does not have insurance currently, they may qualify for a special enrollment, which will allow them to get it, often through the Marketplace, which is affordable.

Our country, but especially our tri-state area (I'm in Jefferson County, WV) is in a very bad place with losing lives to this disease daily,

It is my passion to save as many lives as possible.

I'm also trying to bring resources, such as Narcan recovery coaching and other resources to our areas.

If you or a loved one suffers from the disease of addiction, please call me 304-820-5375 (Debbie)

For more information please message me here, email me at Debbie.k

and I will do my very best to help you get into a good treatment facility and take your life back.

Even if you have Medicaid/State Insurance and are ineligible for private health insurance, I will use what resources I know about to help you. Please feel free to share this or copy/paste. We have to stop losing lives! Thank you,
Help here in Martinsburg, WV...

Martinsburg Institute Outpatient/Methadone Clinic
Located at: 223 Eagle School Rd in Martinsburg
PHONE: 304-263-1111

Eastridge Health Systems, Inc.
Mental Health/Behavioral Health/Crisis/Substance Abuse Suboxone
Located at: 235 S. Water St. in Martinsburg
Phone: 304-263-8954

CAT-5/Substance Abuse Services (V.A. Center)
Located at: 510 Butler St.
Phone: (304) 263-0811
Intakes: (304) 263-0811x3897

Behavioral Health Services of Shenandoah Valley Medical Systems


Located at: 99 Tavern Road in Martinsburg, WV
Phone: 304-263-7023
I will list as I find them. You may also want to try listings for Washington County, Md and Frederick County, Va
I believe both will accept WV State Insurance as well as WV Medicaid
Here is a listing for families of loved ones that I found on the Facebook Page @ BCHEA for the treatment providers here in the State of West Virginia

Please keep in mind that there are waiting lists for most of these places on this list.
Aid In Recovery 1-844-301-7445

Free Insurance Verification Website

West Virginia State Health Exchange

West Virginia DHHR Benefits Online

Sober Recovery Has a listing of treatment centers and options


Help 4WV
No matter where you live in the state, what type of insurance you have or if you have no insurance call them. They can help!

Call them at 1-844-435-7498
Visit their webpage @ Help 4WV
Locally here in Martinsburg and Berkeley County,
The Hope Dealer Project
You can reach out to Martinsburg Renew Facebook Group page, or by visiting their webpage at Martinsburg Renew or

For more information, email Andrew Garcia at
Have You called WV 2-1-1?
They offer many services and help. Contact them at
Sober Solutions 1-888-762-3730 to speak to a counselor
Click for the link to webpage

(304) 256-7100
Located in Beckley, WV

They offer a 5-7 day detox READ THE RULES

12 week residential

Mother is a 6 month residential treatment and
Turning Pointe is a 90 day residential program.

Here is a listing of what they provide:

24 HR. Crisis Response in place and Involuntary Commitment Faciliation

They also offer a variety of outpatient services
Payment:  Self pay or Cash, Medicaid, Medicare, State Financial Health Insurance Other than Medicaid, Private Insurance, Military Insurance (Tricare)
The Presteria Center
You can also Contact Them
They have a webpage @ The Presteria Center
I believe they also accept Medicaid and State Insurance
Southern WV Fellowship Home, Inc.
(No Webpage Found)
Located in Beckley, WV
(304) 253-1441

Services Offered: Mental Health Treatment and Substance Abuse Treatment, Residential Short-Term Treatment, Residential Long-Term Treatment, and Hospital Inpatient and Halfway House
Payment Methods: State Insurance (Other than Medicaid) and Access to Recovery (ATR) Voucher, Self Pay or Cash, Sliding Scale Payment Assistance

Recovery Point WV
Charleston, Huntington and Bluefield
Click for their webpage

2425 9th Ave Huntington, West Virginia
Phone: 304.523.4673

The Stepping Stone Recovery House
Click for their webpage

(I believe this is a men only program)
For more information Contact them @ 410-837-3600
From what I understand they will take you from any state.
Newness of Life

2210 9th Ave Huntington, WV

(304) 972-6601
Visit their website @ The Newness of Life
Newness of Life Facebook Page

The Newness of Life for Women and
The Newness of Life Lazarus House
Opening Soon!!!

The Lifehouse Addiction Recovery
The Lifehouse Recovery Services
Telephone: (304) 429-5433
Fax : (304) 908-4049

The Lifehouse Facebook Page
The Lifehouse Website
Valley Healthcare Systems
301 Scott Avenue Morgantown, WV 
Webpage: Valley Healthcare Systems
Westbrook Health Services Amity
2121 East Seventh St.
Parkersburg, WV
Phone: (304) 485-1721
24 Hour Crisis Line: (304) 485-1725 OR 800-579-5844
Healthways, Inc Miracles Happen
501 Colliers Way
Weirton, WV

Phone: 304- 723-5440
Toll Free: 1-800-774-2429
Crisis Line: 304-797-6000
Website: Healthways, Inc
United Summit Center
6 Hospital Plz, Clarksburg, WV
Phone: 304-623-5661
Crisis Line: 1-800-786-6480

Webpage: United Summit Center
Logan/Mingo Mental Health Inc. Futures
118 Stratton Street
Logan, West Virginia

Phone: 304-792-7260

Offers Residential Short Term and Long Term
Riverpark Hospital
1230 6th Avenue
Huntington, WV

Phone: 304-526-9111
Webpage: Riverpark Hospital

Residential Long term Substance Abuse Treatment and Detox
7004 Kanawha Street
Saint Albans, West Virginia

Phone: 304-525-7851
I don't know why, but the website I found this on refers back the Prestera Center
Website: See Prestera Center
Dual Diagnosis Treatment
Thomas Health System Memorial Hospital
4605 MacCorkle Avenue, SW
South Charleston, WV

Phone: 304-766-3600

Website: Thomas Behavioral Health Connection
Seneca Health Services, Inc.
1305 Webster Road
Summersville, WV

Phone: 304-872-6503
Webpage: Seneca Health Services, Inc.
Northwood Health Systems
4 Locations in West Virginia
Wheeling: Phone: 304-234-7777
Weirton: Phone 304-217-3050
Moundsville: Phone: 304-845-3000
New Martinsville: Phone:  304-455-3622
Webpage: Northwood Health Systems
the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration
National Directory of Substance Abuse Treatment Centers in the U.S.A.
Martinsburg and Berkeley County is need of Sober Living Houses and Halfway Houses here in Martinsburg and Berkeley County. Do you know of any? Let me know!

Please ask questions and do your homework before committing. Read:

Also Important Reading:

Not all rehab and treatment is good. Narconon Exposed

I threw this link in to read, but I was never able to convince our son to go for treatment. It's easy if you don't get yourself disillusioned that you can force them to go. They have to want to be ready for it and this has to be something they want for themselves, not anyone else.

I am trying to get together a list of recovery places and treatment centers who take in those who have no money or are on Medicaid or be able to assume Medicaid or Obamacare. We know that those addicted do not keep up to things such as health care and insurance. So if you know of any of these types of places please, please, please, let me know. Many families are seeking help and have no money to pay

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