More Parental Awareness Is Needed

I can remember back in the late 80's and 90's raising my own children. We used the materials offered to us to discuss drugs in our home with our children.

Honestly, none of that information given to us back then could have ever prepared us for the reality of having a son who fell into the heroin pits of hell. We needed the books that spoke it by name. Spoke it by it's harsh reality.

I am a parent I understand that none of us expects to ever have a child use or abuse heroin (or other drugs). None of us ever said that we hope to raise a heroin addict one day. We never expected our child or children to ever use or abuse drugs or heroin.

The harsh reality is that many of us face it. You never know you too could just be a day away from this reality also.

The very first thing to say to parents is stop thinking and believing that this will never happen to you, your family, your child or someone that you love. That is the most dangerous thinking of so many people today.

Just because it isn't happening to someone you love doesn't mean you should turn away from the grim statistics or turn a blind eye away from those of us who do. If it's not your child using heroin at the moment, how do you really know?

Do you know the signs of heroin abuse? Do you know where your child is right now? Do you know who your child is hanging out with? Do you know their friends? Do you know you can buy Heroin (and other drugs) online right in the comfort of your home? Do you know that your child could buy deadly street drugs right on the street for as little as $20?

In todays generation with this heroin epidemic so rampant and taking our children too soon is that we need to stop worrying about being so politically correct all the time where heroin and this epidemic is concerned. Take the made for Disney bull crap out of it and speak the harsh reality.

Say it...

It's name is heroin and it will rob and destroy your life.

It's name is heroin and it will kill you.

Stand over the casket of a young life taken too soon from a heroin overdose. Listen to the wails and the cries from those who love them and you will know that Disney doesn't perform at funerals!


Do you really know it's not your child?

There is so much information out there today. Educate yourselves. Your child's life may just depend on it!

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