Law Enforcement Efforts

Below are links to Law Enforcement efforts combatting Heroin and illegal drugs in Berkeley County, WV and also in Martinsburg, WV

One thing that many do not know is that sometimes a user who is hooked and addicted to heroin, opiates or other illegal drugs owe their drug dealer a favor and will have to a time or two or three or more have to sell for the dealer or face consequences to the dealer.
I often read comments to arrests made and all is labeled into the same category. What often happens is someone is addicted and owes a favor and is caught when they themselves are only addicted to heroin, opiates or other illegal drugs.

Many of us know who our loved ones are going to and who is dealing. Personally, I wish more effort was made into going after the ringleaders; those trafficking it here on the higher scale. Who Should Pay?

BC Man Convicted of Heroin Trafficking

Martinsburg Man Sentenced in a 2014 Overdose Death

Two Indicted on Murder Charges in Overdose Death

Multi-State Heroin Trafficking Operation

Martinsburg Man Charged In Heroin Death

Alleged Head of Heroin Ring Busted

Dozens Arrested in Tri-State Round-Up

MPD Arrest for Illegal Methamphetamine

14 Indictments for Heroin Trafficking

MPD Arrest For Cocaine and Heroin

Local Law Enforcement/Joint Effort on Educating the Public

Two Charged In Connection to Overdose of Spring Mills High School Student

Baltimore Man Faces Additional Charges After OD Death of Second Person

WV Troopers Arrest Find $14,000 Worth of Heroin During Traffic Stop

WV State Police Seize $30K of Heroin in Patrols

WV Troopers Find Heroin During Traffic Stop

Couple Facing Bath Salt and Heroin Distribution

MPD Operation Spring Cleaning

Police Still Search For Suspects From Operation Spring Clean

Three People Arrested During HIDTA Traffic Stop

Police Seize Marijuana During Traffic Stop

Three Arrested In Hotel Drug Bust

Man Charged With Murder in Overdose

Police Seize Marijuana

Police Nabs Fugitive

WV Man Charged After Police Find Drugs

Big Pharma Should Also Be Paying For Treatment Centers All Over This Country

Three Charged With Heroin Possession

Woman Charged After Home Search

Two Residents Charged With Prescription Fraud

18 People Indicted for Heroin Distribution

N.Y Man Charged After Drugs Found in Vehicle During Traffic Stop

I-81 Traffic Stop Leads To Drugs and Arrest

Police Seize Over a Pound of Pot in I-81 Traffic Stop

Troopers Seize $1.2 Million in HiDTA Traffic Stops

MPD Roundup and Warrants Pending

More Arrests Made in Area Sweep

52 Charged in Eastern Panhandle Heroin Ring

Accused Drug Kingpin Held on $5 Million Dollar Bond

14 Arrested, Drugs Seized During "saturation" Patrols

OTHER Drug Related News:

Driver of Fatal Crash Under the Influence of Marijuana

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