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Welcome One and All!!! Hello I am the mother of an adult son who is addicted to heroin. Please know that if you love someone addicted to heroin you are not Alone. There are many, many others just like you. We are all in this fight together.

If this is your first time visiting hello and welcome. I have tried to make everything easy to find. On the side bar to the right in the archives is a list of postings. Also on the side bar I have a listing of local resources and websites- where to find help.
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At the top you will find a listing of NA Meetings and Recovery Groups for the Martinsburg, WV Area. If you know of one not listed please let me know so that I can add it.

You may be wondering what this blog is about. It is about our community here in Martinsburg, and Berkeley County in West Virginia. It is about the growing heroin epidemic here in our community.

The heroin epidemic has been growing in numbers for many years now. It has already taken too many lives. Too many families are suffering watching their loved ones struggle with heroin addiction.

How this came into existence:

Now is the time to wake this county up to the affects that heroin is having on our community. They have heard the cries, the plea's and yet the proposed site of the Rehab and Treatment Center still set's there an empty building. It is time that we show them how much our community needs this. It is time to put faces and names to everyone who has been or is affected by this poison in our community. You are welcome to bring flowers, candles anything you wish to memorialize your loved ones or friends. Maybe if they can see by showing them a public display of our memorials, our cries and plea's to get this Rehab Center here maybe then they will stop all of the fighting and start making a difference to those of us dealing with this, those who have lost a loved one to heroin, those who are using, those who struggle with this disease each and every day from the effects of heroin. This is a blight on the entire community, not just to those suffering because of a poison called- Heroin.

Martinsburg is the county seat for Berkeley County. We have the highest number of heroin overdoses in the State of West Virginia. We also have the highest number per capita in the state. Those numbers are nothing to be proud of.

Much of this blog is posting resources found locally here in Martinsburg and Berkeley County West Virginia so that no one ever has to feel as if they too are alone and have no where to turn.

Often you will read my own personal stories as we deal with the struggles of having a child addicted to heroin as well as the battles. The Ups and Downs of this crazy rollercoaster of heroin addiction often drags you down to the lowest of places.

It often helps take my mind off of other things when I use my energy into doing something like this blog, even if it is just a small way of helping. I am using this blog as a way of helping others to the resources by putting them here.

I often share my own personal stories about our son and depending on emotions how I am feeling dealing with a son addicted to heroin. That alone can arise a lot of emotion.

I am currently working on some postings

Admitting there is a problem If you are the parent or loved one of an addict sometimes it is hard to admit that your loved one has a problem. I know I have been there. I was denial many years ago that my son was abusing heroin. I think because I didn't know for sure yet there was a problem although my heart was telling me something wasn't right. The addict will not admit they have a problem even if you ask. You have to somehow get to the place where you can admit the problem and call it what it is. This is from my own personal experience.

I would also love to share your stories here. From triumphs and lows, your loved ones. Stories of success and families with loved one struggling. If you have freed yourself from addiction... I want to share your stories. Often hearing others stories gives others hope.

Please be patient. This blog is still early and under construction.

August 25, 2016

A matter has been brought to my attention and apparently inquiring minds are wondering!

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  1. Hi,
    My name is Margaret Talbot. I'm a writer at The New Yorker magazine, and I am researching a story on responses to the heroin epidemic. It will probably be focused on West Virginia, partly because it's one of the states where the problem is especially acute, and partly because I live relatively nearby, in Washington DC. I came across you blog and found it very affecting and informative. Would it be possible to talk with you on the phone? Thank you very much. My email is margarettalbot3@gmail.com