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Not Alone

This Community Awakening, Memorial, and Vigil is not about me. This is about all of us. Let me tell you what really put the fire in me to do this. My son (I talked about him in an earlier post) has two young boys. Their parents struggle with heroin and addiction has been ongoing through these two boys lives. They are
ages 11 and 9. These two boys are hurting for what this is doing to their dad. They too are suffering because of something they had nothing to do with. They feel alone. They think no other child is
going through this. They are two. I started thinking about the other children whose parents struggle with heroin.


These children of the heroin addicted are the faces of the future of this town; of our community.


This is what really set my feet on fire to do this. Looking into my grandson's eyes and not being able to answer their questions. I talked to them honestly. I told them of the treatment center that could help their dad and all the other parents struggling with addiction. I told them that our leaders here are fighting over it. They said, So if there is something that can help why would someone fight and say it isn't a good idea? They are going to be there. I hope that other children who are affected will be there too because all of the children affected by Heroin and this addiction need to know

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A Lesson In History: Hop Aboard WV's Oxycontin Express

Yesterday I posted The Inconvenient Truth: The Devil At The Door... Heroin. I also wrote this two years ago.

Today I want to go back a little bit to another often overlooked and sometimes unheard of bit of history... The OxyContin Express...

Have you ever heard that expression before?
The entire State of West Virginia has been fighting another kind of war for many years. The War on Prescription Drugs as well as The War on Heroin. Who is winning?

Have you ever wondered, just how did all of this start

Inspiration In Song: This Is For Those Who Have Lost a Loved One To This Epidemic...

This song is for anyone who has lost a loved one to heroin...

Inspiration in Song: For those Strugggling With Heroin and Those Who Are Clean

This is for those currently struggling with a heroin addiction and to those who are clean and free of the chains of a heroin addiction...

Tell You Heart To Beat Again...

And for our son... Kyle. You broke those chains once we know you can do it again!!!!

Petition Update

I scheduled this post to send yesterday evening, unfortunately Blogger didn't cooperate. I've worked with it in the past and know it can be stubborn and contrary at times. I just noticed it was still setting there waving at me.

Update on our Petition:

Heroin Facts

Here are some heroin facts:

Narcan Saves Lives

This pic belongs to: Narcan Saves Lives

Another group is Narcan Saves Lives. Each Friday here in Martinsburg a Narcan Class is offered. The Narcan classes are held at Callahan Counseling at 1020 Winchester Ave. in Martinsburg, WV

Please click Directions

If you are interested in these classes, please visit by clicking: Narcan Saves Lives
I am trying to free up a Friday to attend this class myself.

pictures for this post
Narcan Saves Lives
Map Bing

Petition Update: Gaining Momentum

We started our petition on Tuesday April 26, 2016 To: the Mayor of Martinsburg, WV To: Martinsburg, WV City Council and To: The Berkeley County, WV County Council

Our petition continues to gain momentum and support. This morning I noticed we have 487 signatures and support for this treatment center here in Martinsburg. Thank you for the support!

We know we still have a ways to go. The facts are:

Keeping Connected

This blog is about making connections here in Martinsburg, WV and in Berkeley County for the resources that are available here locally. If you know of resources please be sure to comment and leave a link.

If you would like to stay up to date with this blog you can go to the side bar and sign up for email updates. OR you can join this blog as a member- that too is on the side bar.

I've tried to keep the information simple and easy to find on the sidebar. You will find posts by category if you are looking for something specific. There are also links to local resources. At the bottom of the blog are links to stories relating to this heroin epidemic.

There is an interest by many to keep going back to the site of the proposed treatment center weekly. I understand not everyone can attend week after week and that is okay. I know there are several events coming up on Sundays and I don't want this interfering with those attending events. I would love to hear your opinions. Please comment below your opinions!!! Thank You

Also: This one is a biggy... This is about the Apple Harvest Parade in October. How many of you would be interested in walking in the parade as a group? I know it is still months away. They haven't put the parade sign up yet on their website which is why I thought now is a good time to plan something like this. You guys know this one is going to be a big parade. It's election time this year! All the candidates will be in the parade! So what do you think? Please leave your comment below.

I want to share your personal stories here as well. If you would like to share your personal story here, leave me a comment below or you can email me at:

You can read mine by clicking the link @ My Story

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Friday, April 29, 2016

An Inconvenient Truth: The Devil At The Door is... Heroin

Here in Berkeley County and the Eastern Panhandle the devil standing at the door knocking and taking over our children, our town, our neighborhoods, our schools, our churches, and organizations is named heroin. The drug heroin does not discriminate nor does it pick and choose who will become

Poem: Dear Mr and Mrs Heroin




Thursday, April 28, 2016

Sober Saturday Event

belongs to: Narcan Saves Lives
Narcan Saves Lives is hosting an event Sober Saturday. "Lets all get together and celebrate recovery. Everyone's invited. Even if you are in active addiction or family&friends of an addict please come out and join us for a fun day. Dr Aldis will also be there to give the narcan classes. Food and drinks provided. Moon bounce for the kiddos as well as many other games."

This event will take place  on Saturday June 11, 2016 from 2 PM to 5 PM at the Tuscarora Ruritan Club located at 6836 Arden Nollville Road in Martinsburg, WV

For more information on this event visit Sober Saturday

picture on this page belongs to: Narcan Saves Lives

In Quote: One Powerful Sentence

I find a lot of inspiration from songs as well as quotes. I recently found a very powerful quote from the late Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. He said,

"Nothing in all the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity."

I am not name calling anyone, but what a very powerful message in that one sentence. WOW!!!!

As it relates to the fight back and forth for a local rehab and treatment center!!!!

Inspiration From Song: I Call This My Fightsong

I find a lot of hope and inspiration from quotes and from songs. I have shared this with many. This song by Twila Paris, The Warrior Is A Child I consider my fight song. Having a loved one addicted to heroin is the biggest battle you can face. You love them and cannot fix them. I often get to the place where I am tired and feel I have to lay down all my weapons and rest if just for a little while. I will never give up this fight until my son is clean and sober.

Local NarAnon(Support Group)

We do have a local NarAnon Group. The group meets every Sunday evening at 6 PM at the Trinity United Methodist Church located at 220 W. Martin St. in Martinsburg, WV. Please consider coming out. I just recently found out about this group.

Our local chapter also has a Facebook Page to connect with and can be found @ NARANON of Martinsburg  Our chapter of NarAnon is led by Tina Burkey Stride.

Map to:
Directions can be found @ Trinity United Methodist Church

pictures for this post: Map found @ Bing

WV Community Against Heroin and Other Drug Addictions

picture belongs to: Kathy Stevens Butts
Another Facebook Group I recommend is WV Community Against Heroin and Other Drug Addictions. This group is run by Kathy Stevens Butts and was founded in memory of her daughter Tiffany who lost her battle against Heroin Addiction. Kathy is another bright angel in our community and the fight against this heroin epidemic and for this much need rehab and treatment center here in our community.

"This page is for our community to unite and show support for more local treatment options, juvenile & adult drug court, and ideas to raise awareness."

You can find her Facebook Group Page @ WV Community Against Heroin and Other Drug Addictions

picture belongs to: Kathy Stevens Butts

Stomp Out Addiction

pic belongs to: Bounce Back DNA Movement
In the Eastern Panhandle we surely have an epidemic of drug use and abuse, but we are ready to take on this battle. Those who are suffering need us. They need to know there is hope. Drug Abuse is not just "their problem.: It affects all of us in some way. On May 8 we will be helping to Stomp it Out and we need you right there beside us. Please join us at War Memorial Park as join together to give God his praise. There will be live entertainment, personal testimonies, activities for the children and plenty of food and drinks.

This event will take place on Sunday, May 8, 2016 at War Memorial Park located in Martinsburg, WV from 2 PM to 5 PM and is being hosted by Bounce Back DNA Movement

You can find out more details about this event by going to their Facebook Page @

The park is located at 500 Tennessee Ave in Martinsburg
For Directions click: War Memorial Park

Community Fundraiser

pic belongs to: Bikers Against Heroin

Please come out and attend

pic belongs to: Bikers Against Heroin

Bikers Against Heroin WV Chapter

pic belongs to: Bikers Against Heroin
Locally helping with this epidemic is the Bikers Against Heroin, WV Chapter led by Dee Stotelmyer Pierce

BIKERS AGAINST HEROIN - A LEGAL NON PROFIT Corporation of the United States of America


Bikers Against Heroin also has a Facebook Group. You can find them @ Bikers Against Heroin

picture belongs to: Bikers Against Heroin

Petition For A Rehab Treatment Facility Here In Martinsburg, WV

We now have a petition to our Community Leaders here in Martinsburg and Berkeley County West Virginia to stop with the bureaucracy and red tape and to get this much needed treatment center up and

The Community Awakening, Memorial and Vigil

On April 24, 2016 We held our first Community Vigil. Here is the video highlight of that day.

Video taken by Winchester Hopkins currently running for Council At Large Seat in Martinsburg, WV

Click HERE to watch the video

Thank you  Mr. Hopkins for this great highlight of the day!!!!

Special Speaker this day was Mr. James Boyd a local vet who is 30 years clean helping us with our voice and making a difference in our community. Mr. James Boyd #staystopped. He along with Mendy Hutton and Laura Griffith are Advocates For Change.

Thank you Mr. and Mrs. Boyd for all that you are doing and for your message. You give many families Hope that our loved ones will get clean and hopefully one day they will be giving their testimony! You are truly angels in this fight. Thank you to everyone who turned out today to talk, share our stories and prayers for the Hope of a new beginning- this treatment center. For healing for our community.

The weather was great, everyone who came showed support- we needed that. We need to know we don't walk alone. Your stories gave us all hope. To those who are running for office thank you too for sharing your platform. The Advocates For Change, The Bikers Against Heroin, Tim and Emily, Buck Locke who led us in prayer, Tina for Nar-Anon, Jenni Vincent from The Journal who wants to tell the stories. It was a wonderful. I know there are more I am missing I'm sorry. I am trying to remember all. To anyone who couldn't make it, you are more than welcome to stop by. There are memorials already placed. Many there want to do this every Sunday. If you would like to, come out next Sunday. God Bless all

Now Sober, Martinsburg Vet Helps Others Kick Drug Habit

Video for this post is property of Winchester Hopkins

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Turning Point of the Eastern Panhandle in WV

Another Facebook Page is for Turning Point of the Eastern Panhandle in WV. This is run by local residents of Martinsburg, WV- Tim and Emily Drewy
pic belongs to: Turning Point of the Eastern Panhandle WV

"Providing confidential assistance for addicts to enroll them into a treatment program. We also offer means of support to more effectively maintain their sobriety. "

They are here to help families get their loved one into a treatment facility and also for anyone addicted. You can reach out to them. Their Facebook page is located @ Turning Point of the Eastern Panhandle WV

More Information For Turning Point:

(BCHEA) Berkeley County Heroin Epidemic and Awareness

Social media is a great tool isn't it? Here is a great Facebook Support Group Page to connect with. The Berkeley County Heroin Epidemic and Awareness

Advocates For Change

pic belongs to: BCHEA
"This page was developed to help bring awareness of the rapidly growing Heroin Epidemic in Berkeley and surrounding Counties within the Eastern Panhandle of W.V. Our goal is to end the stigma associated with the disease of addiction, educate individuals, provide support and resource options from those touched by this disease. We cannot change what we do not acknowledge. Knowledge is power. There is strength in numbers and as a community it is our responsibility to become part of the solution and not the problem. "EVERY life matters". 

If you haven't already. Connect with them @ Berkeley County Heroin Epidemic and Awareness They can put you in contact with resources for treatment, recovery and support. Leaders of this group are Laura Griffith and Mendy Hutton

picture here belongs to: BCHEA

A Community Uniting

Picture belongs to: Laura Griffith
When things like this happen often the only thing you can rely on is your faith to get you through. I've prayed so many prayers. Last year we started hearing that our town leaders were proposing a Treatment and

(Personal Share) My Story

First, let me tell you how this came about. I am the mother of an adult son addicted to heroin. He has struggled with this addiction for the last eleven years. In and around 2011/2012 he detoxed and was clean for about two years.

I don't know what happened. When your children don't live with you any more things can just get out of hand. Heroin addiction was beyond our control.

Here is our story as posted on my Facebook:

What Is This Blog About....

You may be wondering what this blog is about. It is about our community here in Martinsburg and Berkeley County in West Virginia. It is about the growing heroin epidemic here in our community.

The heroin epidemic has been growing in numbers for many years now. It has already taken too many lives. Too many families are suffering watching their loved ones struggle with heroin addiction.

How this came into existence:

Now is the time to wake this county up to the effects that heroin is having on our community. They have heard the cries, the plea's and yet the proposed site of the Rehab and Treatment Center still set there an empty building. It is a time that we show them how much our community needs this. It is time to put faces and names to everyone who has been or is affected by this poison in our community. You are welcome to bring flowers, candles anything you wish to memorialize your loved ones or friends. Maybe if they can see by showing them a public display of our memorials, our cries and plea's to get this Rehab Center here maybe then they will stop all of the fighting and start making a difference to those of us dealing with this, those who have lost a loved one to heroin, those who are using, those who struggle with this disease each and every day from the effects of heroin. This is a blight on the entire community, not just to those suffering because of a poison called- Heroin.

Martinsburg is the county seat of Berkeley County. We have the highest number of heroin overdoses in the State of West Virginia. We also have the highest number per capita in the state. Those numbers are nothing to be proud of.

In the future, I would love to share your stories here. From triumphs and lows, your loved ones. Stories of success and families with loved one struggling.

Please be patient. This blog is still early and under construction.

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