Thursday, April 28, 2016

The Community Awakening, Memorial and Vigil

On April 24, 2016 We held our first Community Vigil. Here is the video highlight of that day.

Video taken by Winchester Hopkins currently running for Council At Large Seat in Martinsburg, WV

Click HERE to watch the video

Thank you  Mr. Hopkins for this great highlight of the day!!!!

Special Speaker this day was Mr. James Boyd a local vet who is 30 years clean helping us with our voice and making a difference in our community. Mr. James Boyd #staystopped. He along with Mendy Hutton and Laura Griffith are Advocates For Change.

Thank you Mr. and Mrs. Boyd for all that you are doing and for your message. You give many families Hope that our loved ones will get clean and hopefully one day they will be giving their testimony! You are truly angels in this fight. Thank you to everyone who turned out today to talk, share our stories and prayers for the Hope of a new beginning- this treatment center. For healing for our community.

The weather was great, everyone who came showed support- we needed that. We need to know we don't walk alone. Your stories gave us all hope. To those who are running for office thank you too for sharing your platform. The Advocates For Change, The Bikers Against Heroin, Tim and Emily, Buck Locke who led us in prayer, Tina for Nar-Anon, Jenni Vincent from The Journal who wants to tell the stories. It was a wonderful. I know there are more I am missing I'm sorry. I am trying to remember all. To anyone who couldn't make it, you are more than welcome to stop by. There are memorials already placed. Many there want to do this every Sunday. If you would like to, come out next Sunday. God Bless all

Now Sober, Martinsburg Vet Helps Others Kick Drug Habit

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