Thursday, April 28, 2016

A Community Uniting

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When things like this happen often the only thing you can rely on is your faith to get you through. I've prayed so many prayers. Last year we started hearing that our town leaders were proposing a Treatment and
Recovery Center here in Martinsburg, WV. The site already had a building that was sitting empty for many years at 750 Baltimore St. in Martinsburg.
What a relief!!! Finally!!!! But then as often happens, a fight began over this treatment center by our town leaders: Martinsburg City Council and Berkeley County Council.

It began as the usual: Who is going to pay for it?

Here we are all these months later and we are no closer to seeing this treatment center become reality. Meanwhile, the numbers of overdose continue to rise. The number of deaths continues to rise.

I and others are starting to realize that this recovery center won't become reality until it hits the town leaders doorstep. OR Has it already?

For months, while in prayer for my own son I get this feeling that I am supposed to do something? For a time I wondered is there a lesson I am supposed to learn from all of this.

A few weeks ago my son did something very stupid to get his fix. It hit me one day. If they refuse to listen to our voices, our begging, and pleading for this treatment center... maybe then we have to show them in a huge way. It hit me. What if I went to the site and started a memorial?


I am not facing this struggle all alone. There are many other families struggling. Many do not know the resources out there. I know I didn't. There was a feeling that I have to ask others.

This feeling weighed heavy until one day I just said a quiet prayer... Lord, if this is what I am supposed to do then you know I cannot do this alone. Show me in some way. Lead me to someone else who can help.

A little while later I signed onto Facebook and visited a local group page for Heroin Awareness and although I had been hearing his name and reading the stories in the newspaper about him I really didn't know who Mr. James Boyd was but for some reason, I was led to contact him. I did.

I thought, Oh My Lord this fellow is going to think I am a real loony. He doesn't even know me. Within a few minutes, he contacted me back wanting to hear more about this Community Memorial and Prayer Vigil.

We spoke of the legalities of gathering at the site and having a time of reaching out, hearing about the resources and sharing stories and praying.

We held this on Sunday, April 24, 2016.

Many thanks to everyone who came out that day. (Which I will be sharing) Many thanks to those in the political field running for office who came out that day in support of us. Many thanks to Jenni Vincent a writer for our local newspaper, The Journal who came out and is sharing our stories. She is very passionate about this heroin epidemic our community is facing. Of course, it made front page news but wasn't shared on The Journal Facebook page that day but that is okay. She did a wonderful job on the stories.

I checked these links and they've removed them from their archives and I have no idea why.

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