Friday, April 29, 2016

An Inconvenient Truth: The Devil At The Door is... Heroin

Here in Berkeley County and the Eastern Panhandle the devil standing at the door knocking and taking over our children, our town, our neighborhoods, our schools, our churches, and organizations is named heroin. The drug heroin does not discriminate nor does it pick and choose who will become
addicted for which families will be torn to shreds.

This drug is affecting so many families in our community from the poorest to those who are well off.
If I were to take a guess most of the heroin users here started first with prescription drugs the numbers would astound. The biggest problem this town is facing today is heroin and its abuse. We cannot deny the statistics of the number of overdoses and deaths related to heroin.

I recently saw this video on the Nat Geo Channel called Drugs, Inc- Heroin. It's worth watching. This folks is the inconvenient truth of heroin... from it's origin... into our country...then to our neighborhoods... and to our children.

Now I know many will disagree with me on this inconvenient truth about heroin. Most of you will argue whether this is a disease or a choice and whether or not many want to believe it, it is both. It started first as a choice, afterwards the compulsion and craving takes over the brain. No matter which side of that debate you stand on you won't know drug addiction is a disease

until the day you are faced with it. 

Unless this is affecting you personally. This disease has taken over this town like a cancer eating it away. Look at the crime rate in this area. We are all paying the price of heroin but at what price? With the lives of our children?
When it comes to this drug it is really determining who the real enemy is among us. We've been fighting the war on drugs for how long now?

While many are dying here just who is winning?

To be continued....

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Video Youtube  Drugs, Inc. Heroin

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