Saturday, April 30, 2016

Petition Update: Gaining Momentum

We started our petition on Tuesday April 26, 2016 To: the Mayor of Martinsburg, WV To: Martinsburg, WV City Council and To: The Berkeley County, WV County Council

Our petition continues to gain momentum and support. This morning I noticed we have 487 signatures and support for this treatment center here in Martinsburg. Thank you for the support!

We know we still have a ways to go. The facts are:

  • This treatment facility was proposed by both councils.
  • It was talked about at both councils
  • Both councils agree that it is needed right here locally

Now it just feels as if they are trying to fizzle it out and pretend it was never there on any proposal. Meanwhile people are still overdosing at a high rate; and people will continue to die from heroin.

If someone goes into cardiac arrest they are taken to the hospital, treated and admitted to the hospital and cared for and looked after. If someone OD's from heroin they are lucky if the treatment gets to them in time to save them. They are taken to the hospital, treated and released.


Because there are NO beds available in a treatment facility.

Please continue sharing the link to the petition. If you haven't yet signed it, you can go to:

Thank You!!!
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