Saturday, April 30, 2016

Heroin Facts

Here are some heroin facts:

An infographic illustrating the rapid and frightening addiction cycle of a heroin addict:
These facts are based on earlier numbers from late 1990-2000

On April 24, 2016 when we gathered for our first Community Awakening, Memorial and Vigil there were approximately 50 who attended. For all 50 of us I guarantee there are another 250 families affected by this heroin epidemic here in Berkeley County. For those 250 affected there are at least 500 more who knows someone affected by this epidemic here. Of those 500 are 1,000 more who at this moment do not know where to turn to for help or for resources. Take that 1,000 and there are thousands more who are at risk.

I guarantee we could go through town and knock on every other door and find someone who has been affected by this epidemic or they know of someone else affected. The other doors we don't knock on- I bet they know where to easily find heroin in this town.
  • How many will try heroin for the first time today?
  • How many will overdose today?
  • How many will lose their lives today?

Many of those at a higher risk are the children of addicts. We know this is a cycle that often repeats which is why this treatment center here in Martinsburg is needed.

We have to break this cycle now for the children of this county who are also the future of Berkeley County!!!!

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  1. Does anyone have the stats on the daily number of overdoses here in Martinsburg? Does anyone have the number of heroin related overdoses with death locally? If so please post those in comment...