WV Lawmakers

Martinsburg City Council

Mayor George Karos

Kevin Knowles kknowles@berkeleywv.org

I'm currently looking for email addresses of our City Council. Will post as I find them

Martinsburg City Hall

Berkeley County, WV County Council

Doug Copenhaver County President  dcopenhaver@berkeleywv.org
Jim Whitacre County VP jwhitacre@berkeleywv.org
James Barnhart Council Person jbarhnart@berkeleywv.org
Elaine Mauck Council Person emauck@berkeleywv.org
Dan Dulyea Council Person ddulyea@berkeleyBwv.org

Berkeley County Council

Our county council admits often the need for a rehab treatment center. They purchase a building and announce their plans for a rehab treatment facility and now they are bowing out graciously?

Berkeley County Moves to Withdraw Appeal of zoning vote on the proposed treatment center at 750 Baltimore St.

West Virginia Senate (In Charleston, WV)

West Virginia Senators Email Addresses

Berkeley County is in district 15 of the senate districting map. Click to see the Senate District Map

West Virginia House of Delegates (In Charleston, WV)

West Virginia Legislators Email Addresses

Berkeley County is in districts of the Legislative Districting mag. Click to see the Legislative District Map 59-64

West Virginia Congress (Washington, DC)

Here in this area we are in district #2. The Congressman who serves this area is

Congressman Alex Mooney

West Virginia Senators (Washington, DC)

Senator Joe Manchin

Senator Shelly Moore Capito

Tell Senators Manchin and Capito that There needs to be a full investigation into the FDA's Pay-to Play Scandal (relating to big Pharma)

This is was SB 700 BILL

The Bill to authorize the Berkeley County Council to own or operate a drug treatment or drug rehabilitation facility within the city limits of the City of Martinsburg.

So, who voted yes and who voted no?
Here is the entire list of those who voted against this treatment center SB 700 Votes

Locally here is who voted YES for the treatment center:
Craig Blair (R)
Charles Trump (R)

Locally here is who voted NO for our treatment center here:
John Unger (D)
Stephen Skinner (D)


WV State Election Information

WV Political Leaders

Contact your Senators and tell them to call for a full investigation into the FDA's pay to play scandal regarding large Pharma and Drug Companies

Let's stop pretending and make our politicians see it for what it is.... What Has Failed West Virginia?

Should politicians have to submit to drug testing?

WV Senate Passes Medical Marijuana

This is the Heroin Treatment Assessment for Berkeley County, WV 2015
Click Here

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