Friday, October 5, 2018

HEADLINE: BC Teacher Aide Arrested

A story came out this week and is being shared all over social media about the teacher's aide who was arrested at the school she worked. Not only was she high on the job but she was also charged with possession while in the school.

Berkeley County, W.Va., Teacher Aide Charged With Possession of a Controlled Substance

I would like to thank the journalist who reported this story fairly and accurately. I read the Herald-Mail now because our own local paper really doesn't report a lot of local news. If you are a criminal or charged with a drug violation they have an entire section of the paper dedicated to the listing of the charges. Not many stories follow, just listings of names and a few times after hearings. 

Sometimes there is an occasional story about those charged and sentenced for crimes relating to drug dealing. I often wonder what is wrong with a system that the drug dealers often get no or little time sentence for drug dealing, but those who commit crimes due to their addiction are given maximum sentences.

I personally have so many mixed emotions since this news came out. As a grandparent, I am angry because one of my grandkids goes to that school. It just proves what I have said all along, drugs are in the school system and not just at the student level.

As a mother of addicts- clean today, struggling daily, my heart goes out to that person and her family because as I've said so many times, heroin and addiction do not discriminate. This story just like many others of professionals proves it doesn't matter who you are or what profession you have, so many people struggle with addiction to heroin.

I am also angry that this proves that apparently, teachers and BOE workers are not being drug tested. 

Honestly (and in my opinion) this answers so many questions and proves that testing needs to be done each year before the start of the school year and randomly throughout the year. 

I think all state workers, not just a selected few need to be drug tested especially if their paychecks are coming from taxpayer money in the state.

I also think this needs to be done as high as the government level- governor, senators, and representatives- and right on down the chain to all of those in any state paying jobs.

I hope that the person accused will receive drug counseling and help.

The story reported by Matthew Umstead @ Herald-Mail

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