Friday, October 5, 2018

Not My Child...

Oh, I have been there in those shoes before. It was many years ago in 2005 to be exact. Oh no, not my child...

It took me awhile. My heart was telling me something wasn't right but I, of course, didn't listen to those gut feelings. I listened to others when I asked...
Friends and Siblings who knew but didn't want to hurt our feelings
The Spouse who told us no, but later learning she was an addict herself.

I was pulled into the tangled web of the enabler.

After blowing through a savings account and cashing out a CD Account when there wasn't anything left to give... it was they resorted to stealing our possessions.

Jewelry with sentimental value and a Christmas present stolen and pawned right out of the program the Grinch Who Stole Christmas- let me tell ya.
A Sony PlayStation left under the Christmas tree just one day vanished. Poof... it's location unknown.

CD's, DVD's, tools, and three vehicles. Yep

A truck that didn't run and needed some work. We were told I need to fix it up so I can get out and find a job and then get to work. We have no clue whatever happened to it.

An SUV- That vehicle was running and was for sale. It was parked at a family members house. He called and said he had a buyer for it. The so called buyer picked it up. Our son told us he had left the money with the family member, Oh No. Boy what a scam that was. We had the title to it and refused to give the title up. We could never locate the vehicle so we also do not ever know what happened to it.

A Car- This car I used for work. It blew a head gasket and was towed back to my driveway. My son called me at work and asked me for it. I told him I hadn't had a chance to clean it out and that I needed to talk to his dad first. When I got home from work, it was gone out of the driveway. I am clueless

Well, I was clueless back then. Since I've learned from another the car went to salvage and the truck and SUV were exchanged for drugs.

Just how the F do you do an exchange for drugs- the truck yep the hubby had given him the title but the SUV- we still have the title to it.

It took awhile. There were several years of some really tough love, a lot of interventions that went out the window... I honestly don't think they work.

Finally, the day comes when we had to admit it. Our son was a heroin addict.

This time we are already there and calling it what it is... Our son is a heroin addict. We learned a lot of lessons on our first ride through heroinville.

Each time however after the sky falls down and the bottom drops out... here we are once again left with the shell of a son that honestly we don't recognize him anymore.

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