Wednesday, May 10, 2017

After the April A-Z Blog Challenge

I was supposed to put this up on May 8th. I am a few days late in doing so. Well, it is here the month long blog challenge is over and many are left thinking, what next? Will you take a few ideas from some of your more popular posts and go with the ideas?

After the A-Z Blog Challenge, what is next?

For me, I will continue spreading the word here about the heroin epidemic and talk about those in the community bringing Hope.

This road has been longer than the April blog challenge. I will once again be blogging the daily 365 Ways to Live Happy Challenges.

The April Blogging Challenge provided an opportunity to speak out about the heroin epidemic and provided the means of clearing a few posts out of the drafts folder. There were still some which didn't make it. I want to blog those as well. 

If you missed any of the posts in April you may wish to visit the archives which is on the sidebar of this blog to catch up on the posts.

I thought it was a great month. Thank you to Arlee and all of the A-Z Moderators this year for another great challenge.

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