Friday, May 5, 2017

United States: A Look at the History of Addiction Treatment

Today's post is a look at Addiction Treatment in the United States. In searching the Internet for the information, this Infograph came up with interesting information beginning in the 1700's and 1800's up until 2012.

For instance, the first Sober House came to be known in the 1800's. Today is about the history of addiction treatment in the United States. Most of the information is outdated and proved does not work. You cannot use 19th Century methods in the millennium. It has already proved a failure.

America’s Fight Against Addiction | Drug Treatment Timeline | drug rehab

I believe it's time to rethink rehabilitation in this country which is now a billion dollar industry. It is time to revamp and upgrade to the millennium to treat this disease.

It's time for the pharma companies and physicians to work together and not repeat the past. Doctors look at pain as a symptom of an injury or illness when addiction has proven the opposite. The reason for the addiction is a symptom of the medication. This epidemic we have today goes above their heads and the reality of the failure is that they have no clue how to treat it.

The first is to start treating those suffering addiction problems like humans instead of second rate citizens.

It's time to start the road to treatment instead of handcuffs for addiction problems, simple possession of an addict since addiction is not against the law. Neither is overdose and I can't believe the numbers who were incarcerated for overdose. Help instead of Handcuffs.

Not every user who started using heroin had a mental illness, but my guess is by the time the user finds treatment they will be battling some form of mental illness.

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