Sunday, November 13, 2016

Challenge Myself: Day #119 Attend A Wealth Seminar

Today is Day #118 of the Nar Anon Group Just For Today Challenge. I am also integrating the Live Happy into my Challenge. The Live Happy Challenge for today suggests that we sign up for a wealth seminar.

The book says,

Image result for funny money signWealth begins as a state of mind. You must want it and be willing to work toward having it. Even if you don't have any discretionary income to put to work earning money, at least invest some time in a class to begin to learn about how you can build wealth.

Some of the wealthiest people in American history were once poor, hard working immigrants with little to show for their daily endeavors. Many even faced discrimination. But they had big dreams and didn't let their situation stop them from building great wealth.

A wealth seminar could be just what you need to get started working on your own stash of cash.

With the cost of everything sky rocketing I am sure that a wealth seminar can help those who invest their money. We have a Roth IRA from about six years ago in the bank. It only gains a small amount each year.

In 2008 I did the retirement calculator just to see what I would need at retirement. It said I needed $500,000.00 to retire comfortably.

I just did the retirement calculator again and according to the retirement calculator this time I got a message, "You Are Screwed!" It says I now need $1,050,745 to retire.

Just For Today: I am reminded that I can only live one day at a time!

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