Friday, November 18, 2016

Here We Go Again: The NIMBY Protesting Over a Planned Detox Center in Martinsburg

Earlier this week it was announced in our local paper, The Journal of the possibility that a crisis-stabilization and detox center is being proposed for Martinsburg, WV. The future site of this center is in the old Buyers Guide building at the end of South Raleigh St. where it intersects with Wilson St.

According to the article the planned proposal is said would consist of 12 to 16 beds and would provide services to those experiencing withdrawal from heroin, alcohol and other drugs and those going through emotional crises.

Those staying at the facility would stay for four to 10 days at a time, until the individual is stable, and then would be released and sent to a long-term treatment facility (in or out-of-state) if needed.

The proposed crisis stabilization and detox center is said to be a privately run inpatient program through Peter J. Callahan, of Callahan Counseling Services in Martinsburg.

Callahan Counseling Services has it's office on Winchester Ave. in Martinsburg.

Then the fire once again reignited the "Not In My Neighborhood and Backyard" crowd as the protesting began.

NIMBY always sounds the same. Not in my neighborhood. It is too close to the schools and the churches and always, our property values will go down.

Once again I tell the NIMBY's

Look around you. It is everywhere in this town. It is in everyone's neighborhood. It is in the churches and it is most definitely in the schools. And then of course is, their property values will go down. I say, show us the statistics of this happening!

People here are losing their children. Children are losing their parents. Just how many more lives should be lost to the disease of addiction to heroin and opiates?

In my opinion:

What have our community leaders done in all of these years to stop the NIMBY stigma? Sometimes they feed into it as well. I say that we must educate our community on the disease of addiction, its chronicity, and its required treatment.

We need our community to embrace and support the initiative of inclusion to improve treatment outcomes. We need our community leaders to step up and start speaking this otherwise we will always have the NIMBY Stigma. Huntington WV is but one community in WV who disproves all of the NIMBY claims which is an example I use when someone says, "My property values will go down"

I do have a couple of concerns for one why are they being referred to as patients? Why not call them clients.

Another concern is that this will turn into yet another medically assisted Suboxone or Methadone clinic here in Martinsburg. In my opinion people do detox safely without medications that they have to be on for long term.

The cost of these medically assisted places here in Martinsburg is also a concern. An initial $1,200 is given on intake at these places here and after 30 days it becomes self pay at $20 a day. Add that up and it is $7,300 a year.

Both Methadone and Suboxone can also be addictive. A person weaned to the lowest dosage and there they stay on them long term. I know someone who has been on Suboxone for two years now. Studies have shown that once they are stopped that a person has a high chance of percentage of returning to their drug of choice- heroin or opiates.

Methadone and Suboxone can be found on any street corner as well as in the jail.

People do recover from this disease. Programs like The Newness of Life shows us each and every day that our loved ones do recover. A person has a higher chance of long term recovery using non medicated treatment.  

Recovery happening in this town is going to take the entire village standing up to say, enough is enough!!!!!

To those who are concerned about their neighborhood and their property values please contact the City of Huntington, WV. Their information is on their webpage @ City Of Huntington, WV to talk to someone from the mayors office about how the recovery programs there has changed their town and the lives of those who live there.

Write to them. Their address is:
City of Huntington
800 Fifth Ave.
Huntington, WV 25701

OR Call them at 304-696-5540

A very good read I found when I was fighting for Baltimore St and the NIMBY is @

You can read the entire article Residents Express Concerns Over Proposed Detox Center

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