Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Guest Post: Change Takes Courage- You Are Worth It.

Today I have a very special guest post by the ladies at The Hope Dealer Project.

You are gazing in the mirror and this time you actually "see" yourself, you know what I mean....when you feel like you've had a sudden wake-up call as to the choices you've been making are not the best ones for the life you want to live. Only you know that answer. Our purpose is to help you know yourself & trust yourself.

So, you realize as you see yourself that life in all of its beautiful & messy glory is not adding up to be the life that your soul so deeply longs for then…you're in for a quest...we ask that you dare to Hope!
If you've been the person who looks around and thinks "Is this it? Is this all my life is going to be?"  then…Hope If you awake each and every day dreading the daily tasks of who you will need to lie to or what could you steal to feed your fix today then have…Hope!

It's through the moments of self-realization that we are given the most beautiful gifts that are usually taken for granted:
  • choice
  • free will
  • self care
You can always choose to avert your eyes what from not only what you're seeing, but from what you're feeling. You can sink back into what has always been, ignoring all the signs that are telling you it's time to live differently. Or you can decide, in that moment of intense clarity that this is not working and that you can and will make a change. Either way, it's your choice.  The thing about choice is that we have to own it, absolutely holding ourselves accountable for our decisions.  In that space, you allow a shift in the paradigm. Old to new. Struggle to ease. Depression to joy.  When we reach that moment of choice and decide, against all odds, that we're ready for a change is when the journey truly begins. How do you make the difficult decisions that come with the understanding that what was working before (or at least what we thought was working) no longer does?  Once you do decide, God will  meet you there to bring your desires to life.

So how do you bring about change for your life?  You commit! You commit with all the fierceness you can muster. Once you've surrendered your heart and soul to this process, I promise the Universe will rise up to meet you. The true change is only going to come when you fully commit.  You will see no lasting benefits in waffling.

Here are several ways you can reap positive life changing benefits for yourself.
You make a commitment to yourself and to someone who will help keep you accountable. This could be your best friend, coach or partner.

You releaseIn moving forward and desiring a new way of living, carrying your old story and burdens will only encumber you. Releasing these by writing them down and burning them as you set the intention of releasing them is a powerful way to move on.

You learn and practice to feel the way you want to feel. When you push through the muck and soften into your desires, you get to learn how you want to feel and how to make those feelings a reality.

Feeling how you want to feel is an intense commitment, a sweet release, and a lifelong habit. It is the culmination and the reward that make the commitment well worth it. It's a transformative and radically honest way of living a life of purpose and joy, like you have never experienced before.
We are here to help. You will never be alone!

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