Friday, November 25, 2016

Family: One Cost of Addiction and Consequences of Addiction

I hope everyone reading had a wonderful Thanksgiving yesterday. Me, I had to work. My sister in law prepared the delicious meal.

One thing I am truly thankful and blessed this year is that our son found recovery. A new life, free from the dependency on heroin. He has truly been alive now for about 133 days.

Many months ago I wasn't sure if we would even have this holiday or any other holiday with our son. That is a reality we all face loving someone addicted to heroin.

Along with this new found freedom there are some consequences called triggers.

Because of heroin and triggers our family unit is forever changed. I will never again get to have all of my kids together at the same time because the kids are triggers for each other and the addictions they deal with.

I hadn't thought of it until reality set in yesterday. So and so can't come to dinner because so and so will or may be there. So and so wasn't invited because so and so might come to dinner. Of course people don't think about things like before ever trying heroin.

So while I am thankful at the same time I am saddened by that fact. No more family get together, not even for a family photo. No more family picnics.

Heroin has forever changed our family unit and we never had a say!

As I type this I am also reminded of all of those families in this community who are forever changed by heroin. Too many in my community have lost a loved one to heroin and the disease of addiction. I was reminded of this after reading a post on Facebook. The pain and heart ache and destruction on a lot of families have suffered because of heroin and addiction.

After reading I am reminded that Heroin and trail of destruction it will leave in it's wake has forever changed so many other families and not one other had a say!

Those families in our community- we are all bound by a common thread called heroin, addiction and the disease of addiction. Some have found healing while others have lost a loved one.

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