Saturday, November 19, 2016

When Is Enough, Enough?

When exactly is enough, enough?

How many more lives will our community lose to heroin, opiates, addiction and overdose before enough is enough?

If this disease doesn't affect you today, how can you be so sure it won't tear your family apart tomorrow?

How many more parents, spouses and loved ones will have to suffer through another funeral?

How many more children will lose their parents to the disease of addiction to heroin and opiates before enough is enough?

A few months ago a video was shared of two young children at their mothers memorial service. I didn't save the video so I have had to really search for it. The video tore my heart into pieces. This was during a time that two of my own grandchildren were begging me to please save their daddy because they were scared he was going to die. A time when we were faced with so many uncertainties that our son would live another day. That he would recover from the disease of addiction. That we would get to share another holiday with him. So, you can imagine the emotions.

But also this video affected me in another way because forty three years ago this past October I was ten years old then. My mother sat me down to tell me the news one day after school that she had breast cancer. I remember my ten year old heart and the fear that I had that I was going to lose my mother. I remember setting on her bed and begging her to please live.

Through the grace of God this year my mom celebrated her forty third year as a breast cancer survivor. Watching the video brought out all sorts of emotion and took me back forty three years as my heart cried out for these two young girls who will now go through life without their mother. They won't have their mama for their first kiss, their first boyfriend, their first dance, their Prom, their wedding or for their own children because of heroin and addiction.

Can't we just save a life today? Not one more parent or loved one should lose another life to the disease of addiction! Not one more child should lose a parent because of this disease!

This disease of addiction is now the leading cause of death in this country. The sad reality is that overdose to heroin and opiates is treatable but is now the leading most preventable death.

Enough Is Enough!!!!!!

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