Sunday, November 20, 2016

Challenge Myself: Day #122 Financial Audio Books

Today is Day #122 of the Nar Anon Group Just For Today Challenge. I am also integrating the Live Happy into my Challenge. The Live Happy Challenge for today says that we should listen to audio books written by financial wizards during our commute.

The book says,

What do you do during your commute other than drive? Talk on your cell? Think about your troubles? Curse at the long line of cars ahead or the guy who just cut you off?

Do something productive when you are forced to sit in traffic. Buy some audio books about finance. Or choose audio titles in other areas of your business or career.

Maybe there's an industry topic that you want to know more about or a new language you'd like to learn for a new market you want to tap.

You have to be on that road twice a day, so instead of letting all that time go to waste, use the time in ways that can return dividends in your career or business.

You may find yourself looking forward to that commute.

You can find  audio books at the Library, at any book store or on Amazon.

Just For Today: I am trying to learn ways and understand how I can apply these challenges into my daily life.

From the book: Live Happy

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