Friday, November 18, 2016

Speak The Truth (Worth The Repeat)

I have noticed lately that a lot of videos and other info is being removed that deal with heroin and heroin and opioid addiction. I have set wondering why?

Is it because most of this information is real and direct and speaks the truth.

It's name is Heroin.
Heroin does not discriminate. It will take all even those who haven't gotten here yet!

When this disease affects someone we love we still love the person they are inside but we hate Heroin and the trail of disaster it leaves behind.

Not speaking about it and speaking the truth and the harsh realities of this drug is why we are still in this epidemic and in many communities still facing it with the harsh realities because heroin will kill you or someone you love.

It isn't the only reason, but it is one of the reasons.

Not speaking about is why so many who are faced with it is still stuck in the stigma- alone and ashamed and afraid to talk about what it has personally done to them.

Doing nothing and turning a back to the problem hasn't been the answer either. For years our community leaders knew about this problem and they did nothing. Many of them fed into the stigma which is why a mention of any kind of treatment in this town will bring out the NIMBY crowd in protest.

This addiction isn't something we can "hide away." We cannot continue the trend of shaming by sending the addicts hundreds of miles away to be treated.

I do and will continue to speak the truth about heroin and this addiction. I guess that is why
some in the groups and others who are in positions no longer want to talk to me or will take a phone call. 

I take it the forces that took over the Internet last week do not want anyone to see reality of what happens when you are addicted to heroin and overdose because the video was removed. What a shame!!!!

What a shame that we live in a generation of emotionally weak people. Does heroin care? Nope.
Heroin has probably affected you or someone you care about. Many don't know about it yet others are still hidden in the stigma this drug and addiction places on people.

Why does it feel as if everything has to be watered down because so many find so much to be offended about, including the truth and those of us who speak it?

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