Sunday, January 15, 2017

(Book) Still Standing After All The Tears

Product DetailsValerie Silveira is a leader, mentor, author, speaker and consultant. Although she has had a diverse career, none of her business challenges were even close to that of losing a child over and over again to drug addiction.

In 2004, Valerie's eighteen-year-old daughter was shot by her ex-boyfriend. Over the next decade, Jordan's* life spun further out of control and as a result, Valerie's spiraled into darkness. She would face the heartbreaking reality that Jordan is a heroin addict and the painful truth that she is powerless to save her daughter from her drug addiction Beast. Valerie's own Codependency Enabler Beast nearly took her down, but thankfully, she found a way to stand up and fight.
Valerie is helping countless others to stand up and battle their own Beasts. She has developed a system called the Nine Actions to Battle Your Beast. They are the Actions she used to put the pieces back together after all hell broke loose in her own life, and the Actions she still uses to keep those pieces together.

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*Valerie chooses to refer to her daughter as "Jordan," out of respect for her journey.                

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