Sunday, January 22, 2017

Community Groups Hold Their First Meetup

Community Advocate, James Boyd held a meetup on Friday evening, January 20, 2017 at the Community Recovery Resource Center with various groups in the community fighting against the heroin epidemic.

James Boyd's message of #staystopped is part of his Advocacy of Change here in our community.

Those present were Tina Stride, Lisa Melcher and Tara Mayson of The Hope Dealer Project. Dee Stotelemyer Pierce was also present at the meetup representing the group, Bikers Against Heroin.

Winchester Hopkins, local entrepreneur and founder of the nonprofit organization, Self Empowerment Institute Inc. was also present at the meetup.

Mr. Hopkins is currently seeking mentors for his program. You can contact Winchester by emailing him at: or contact him on Facebook
Also present was Community Recovery Services  Coordinator, Kevin Knowles.

The purpose of this meetup was to bring the different groups together in one place to build unity among them. They also started planning for a future fundraiser which is being planned for later in 2017. I will have more details about this in the coming months.

The Community Recovery Resource Center is located at 400 W. Stephen St in Martinsburg, WV.

If you are needing help for your addiction to drugs and alcohol or if you love someone who is addicted to drugs and needing some help or for resources you can contact Kevin Knowles,

Community Recovery Services Coordinator at 304-676-7731.

You can also contact The Hope Dealer Project at 844-383-4673

If you are struggling in recovery or struggling with changing your addiction feel free to message Mr. James Boyd on his Facebook or contact Bikers Against Heroin. They will put you in touch with someone that will help.

You can also find more information on Treatment and Recovery Assistance by clicking the link provided here.


  1. Great article Cindy. Thank you for this awesome recap. You are definitely blessed in your skills of writing. So informative. God bless you!

    1. Tara I walked out and forgot my camera that night. :( I would have loved to have had pics to go a long- big old note to self- Remember to take Camera!!!! :) Looking forward to the next meetup and will get pics then. :)

      By coming together and showing unity in the community we can get the real healing started in our community. God Bless You and The Hope Dealer Project for all that you are doing here.