Friday, January 27, 2017

Drug Facts Week: A Harsh Reality

Billy Before Overdose
Remember I said a few weeks ago that I have saved bits of stories and ideas for posts just setting in my draft folder?

I found this among them. It was saved from a Facebook Group post some months back and is definitely worth mentioning and of course they said share it.

This is National Drug Facts Week.

What better way to end the week than to tell you that this addiction isn't a fairy tale and to share something that is real about heroin and addiction.

Heroin addiction can and will kill you and if it doesn't it can
leave you in a state of mind in which your brain no longer functions the way it used to. That is what this post is about.

This folks, is one of the harshest realties of the disease of addiction in particular addiction to heroin. This is the disease in which so many addicts fight each and everyday as well as those of us on this side of the addiction. We who love an addict also fight each and every day of our lives.

This is a reminder to many of us that but for the Grace of God go each and every one of us. Although our son lived a time in active heroin and opioid abuse, he chose to live. He chose recovery.

So many others have lost their loved ones to this disease, to overdose and to heroin. Then there are those whose family member lived, but will not come back to them functioning the way that they used to.

Billy After an Overdose
This was posted by Rhonda Sue Moorhous on the Facebook Group, I Hate Heroin.

"This is my baby brother Billy Matthew Porter Richey. He overdosed on September 20 2013,just four days before my son Shawn passed away from an OD.

This is Billy after an overdose. Billy was on life support and in a coma. He remains in a vegetative state and is now in a nursing home. He moves his hands and arms a bit and tries talking not realizing we can't hear him because of his trachea.

We would appreciate some prayers please. Please say a prayer that he continues to heal please and please share this story. 


The harshest reality of this is that this is how Billy will spend the rest of his life. Narcan can be a life saver but when someone has overdosed and their brain has been without oxygen for a period of time there is no guarantees that a person will ever be the same again even after Narcan is administered.

For Rhonda, her brother Billy and for her family I pray for healing for you and your family. I am sharing this as part of Drug Facts Week so that others know this is the harsh reality of loving an addict. Nothing is promised to any of us but when we love someone struggling with this disease this can also be the reality. To anyone struggling with addiction today, please reach out to someone. If you love someone struggling with disease, if you have done everything you can, please reach out for help.

This story is from Rhonda Sue Moorhous  posted to a group with permission to share it.
pictures in this post belong to: Rhonda Sue Moorhous


  1. My heartfelt prayers go out to Rhonda and her family and for Billy. May God bless you all and hold you tight. My heart aches for them.

    1. Elsie- My sentiments as well. I know people have asked me about why I stay in this since my son has recovered. IDK I am in this until this problem goes away. Until there are no more stories like this. No more overdoses and no more dying.