Saturday, January 28, 2017

Drug Facts Week: Those Who Struggle Daily and Those Left Behind

We Light A CandleAs part of drug facts week I am ending this week with the memories of those who are gone too soon from this disease. We have to always remember those are gone too soon from the disease of addiction. And always remember to speak their names.

To them, I light a candle.

Those who love them and are left behind struggle daily with this. Most keep their loved ones memories alive with a daily note. One has created a foundation in her loved ones memory. Another parent started a Facebook Group for parents who are grieving.

So many others don't realize the stigma's that are placed on these parents as well as those of us parents whose child is struggling or whose child has struggled with addiction. There are no ATT&T Give Away of a $1,000 raising money towards this disease. Often even asking for prayer on social network can open up a can of worms.

Parent's love their children unconditionally- and that often means losing friends. That means
stares, and judgmental comments and the rejection of others often leads us to isolation.

Parents of those suffering the disease of addiction are the strongest people you will ever know. They live daily not knowing if today will be their loved ones last day. While their child is in active addiction they live daily afraid to answer the phone or cringe at a knock on their door. I know- I've lived there. I lived there for too many years.

Locally we lost 73 people last year to overdose due to the disease of addiction. Many of them very young, still in their twenties. Many of them were parents of very young children who will live their lives in the shadow of this disease.

If you know someone fighting this battle with a loved one then I must say that know a warrior in this fight over the disease of addiction!!!

I have memorialized a page to those who are gone so that they will not be forgotten in this fight. I will forever remember to speak their names. Some I knew and others I didn't. As you can see from the page the numbers of names don't represent all of those we have lost here. I continue searching for those so that they too will not be forgotten. Never Forget Them

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