Thursday, January 26, 2017

National Drug Week: GenerationRX Prescription Drug Abuse

I found a video, Generation X which documents the lives of several people affected by the disease of
addiction, specifically addiction to heroin and opiates.

This documentary tells the story four people and their struggles with prescription drug abuse and also of one woman overcoming the death of her mother, who passed away from the disease of addiction from an overdose.

This film delves into the characters introduction to the drugs, their downfall from addiction into their rock bottom, and leading into their hope for freedom from active addiction touching on their recovery process. Lisa is a beautiful woman who grew up in a good family. During college she had many injuries due to sports and was introduced to OxyContin.

After taking prescription medication, she was thrown into a world she had no control over. In the end of her addiction, she ended up homeless with her children taken away from her. Today almost 3 years clean, she shares her story of recovery.

Rodney is an African-American gay man who grew up in the ghetto. He was introduced to drugs and when we tried Percocet, he was off to the races. Through the world of drugs and the lifestyle that comes with it, he now lives with AIDS. At his darkest hour he found himself living in abandoned houses. Today he has been clean and in recovery for 11 years.

Alyssa grew up in a family of addicts, so it was inevitable that she picked up on the behaviors at an early age. Through experimenting with drugs she found herself addicted to pain medication to cover up her unbearable realities. After remaining clean for over a year, she still struggles with addiction after recently having a relapse. Today she continues to try to walk the path of recovery.

Carl is a young man who grew up in a good family but was exposed to drugs and prescription medication through his friends. His world quickly turned upside down after becoming addicted to the drugs. After attempting suicide, he decided to get clean. Today he is clean and lives a life of recovery.

Allison is a young woman who tells the story of her mother who was a nurse and became addicted to the medication that she was giving to her patients. She eventually over dosed in the bathroom of the hospital she worked at. Her emotional testimony shows the dark side of the irreversible damage that addiction can do.

Videos found on YouTube
Part I
Part II

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