Monday, January 23, 2017

Local Entrepreneur Reaches Out to the Community

Local entrepreneur Mr. Winchester Hopkins is seeking mentors for his program. He says in a Facebook post:

WE NEED MENTORS!!!! IF YOU NEED ANY KIND OF ASSISTANCE (addiction recovery, job/career assistance, mentorship for your kids, entrepreneurship and how to set up your business, wealth building, setting up college fund for your kids, Lawyers for guidance on legal issues
and for setting up an LLC or non-profit organization. Free/Affordable dental check ups and teeth cleaning. It's available.
Great meeting with Bikers Against Heroin, also Hope dealers ...which are three phenomenal women to say the least. James Boyd who is a great leader in the community.

Also, big shout out to Councilman Kevin Knowles for his amazing efforts in the community in Martinsburg, WV. Also to all the other leaders that was in attendance if I failed to mention your names please forgive me.

We talked about many topics to uplift our community together as one working under one umbrella. If you are a leader and would like to join us in this fight for our community please don't hesitate to contact me as many leaders have already.

We have great things coming for Martinsburg. If you are addicted and need help reach out to us please. If you have been incarcerated and your record is affecting your employment and need job or career skills reach out to me.

If you are a parent and need someone to mentor your teenagers and breathe life into them please reach out to me. I'm here as I've always been and that's to serve others as Jesus served us. Do not be ashamed to reach out help is here ladies and gentlemen no excuse for you not to reach out.

We also have Newness of life is coming to Martinsburg Kevin Bowman and Stephanie Stout that's doing amazing things as well.

Martinsburg Renew is another major organization doing great things. The help is here and we are ready to fight this war, because whether you realize it or not this affects all of us especially our kids that we have growing up seeing death.

We must have compassion in order to survive the city is dying, people are dying out here and it's not something our kids should be growing up witnessing. Even if you don't like me for whatever reason it's not about us it's about those little precious jewels we look in the face everyday. Do it for the children it's not about us anymore. Put aside the hate, the indifferences with your friends and or family. It's time to save the city we live in for them because when we are dead and gone our kids still have will be affected for generations to come.


Love you all even if you hate me, because it's not about you but our kids!!!! Also the many people who contacted me willing to help you are heroes as well!!

Mr. Hopkins is the founder of the non profit organization, Self Empowerment Institute Inc.

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