Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Challenge Myself: Day #164 Show Kindness to Fellow Travelers

Today is Day #164 of the Just For Today Challenge. I am also integrating the Live Happy into my daily Challenge. The Live Happy Challenge for today says, when traveling invite a fellow traveler to dinner at a local café.

The book says,

If you bump into someone you recognize from the airport, on a local bus trip, or from the lobby of your hotel, invite them to dine with you.

Traveling solo can be lonely at times and the camaraderie of new friends can lift your spirits. Your fellow traveler may be craving company as much as you are. Some experiences are best enjoyed with another person.

If you go to Ireland, for example, with an urge to bike around the southern part of the Emerald Isle to see the Ring of Kerry and the Cliffs of Mohr, having a fellow traveler along might provide the impetus to just go for it.

You buy or rent some bikes in Dublin and head off into the biking trip of a lifetime, then share stories about it in the local pub when it's over. Now how fun could that be?

Just For Today: Remembering the good times spent with friends.

From the book: Live Happy

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