Friday, October 7, 2016

Blog Update For the Week

Hi readers to this blog! I'm sorry I haven't been online for a few days. Some of you have sent a few emails to me. I know I normally set something to publish everyday even if it is just the Live Happy Challenges.

My job took a little more of my time away from my blog unexpectedly this week. It's peak season where I work- the busiest time of the year! Over the next month and a few weeks people are gonna be getting in the spirit and getting their 'Santy Claus' groove on ordering their purchases online.

There are only two challenges left in the section on Living Happy in our Careers. The next section of challenges is about Living Happy Dealing With Finances. Personally I'm not real happy on the days the bills come, so I'm hoping this section of challenges has some good info to share.

Our son is still clean and not using today. He is out and about in the community helping groups like the WV Chapter of Bikers Against Heroin make a difference in this town.

He is helping other addicts in need. He is talking to friends and loved ones of addicts helping them understand this addiction.

I noticed a couple of weeks ago that he even speaks another language I am unfamiliar hearing. His message of hope in this addiction, getting clean, recovery and staying clean is like hearing him speak a foreign language!

He is also going to be giving me his story in the near future!

Thank you guys for your continued prayers and for your support reading my blog! I really appreciate the emails of support for this blog. You are amazing!

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