Saturday, October 1, 2016

Problems With Blogger

This post is no doubt going to come off as a venting or a whiny post. I am both-  angry and whiny right now- at Blogger- the program I use to create this blog.

The other day I noticed that all of my links were missing from my side bar. I thought at first maybe it was on my end so I cleared my browser. Nope that wasn't it. WTH!!!

I asked what happened in the help forum and after reading the email from Blogger, the email disappeared as well. Apparently they are working on a gadget. My question is what will happen to all of those links that I spent hundreds of hours on? Will they come back when the problem is solved. Another blogger says that it is highly unlikely. You have got to be kidding me.

Most of those links were put there in the first place to clear up space in my favorites folder so none have been saved. Yes I said some bad words, screamed threw a temper tantrum at the hours and hours of hard work that is lost.

I am unsure how long the repairs will take on that particular gadget in the meantime I will once again be searching for and trying to remember all of those links I had posted.

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