Sunday, October 9, 2016

Live Happy Dealing With Finances

It doesn't seem like it but today is the last day of the Live Happy-  In the Workplace Challenges dealing with careers and our daily lives in the workplace. It seems like we just started those challenges and already they are ending doesn't it?

There is another section coming soon that deals with Happy In the Workplace.

The next set of Challenges however is about Learning to be Happy Dealing With Finances. Once again I peeked and read some of them. The challenges do offer some good ideas. I hope we all get some ideas from this next set of Live Happy Challenges.

Now, I don't know about you folks, but I personally am not happy on the days that the bills start rolling in. I have all my bills planned out a month in advance on the calendar so that I can look ahead at them.

I don't use fancy household budget gadgets, templates or apps. I use a calendar and a spiral notebook and I do mine weekly. Somehow it feels like it hurts less to do this weekly. AND we get paid weekly so why not? It is easier for me to do it this way.

Have you found an easy way of doing your weekly budgeting?

Now it seems that all we hear and see the ads and commercials is about "saving for retirement."

Really? Just who can save in this economy? Tell the rest of us your story!

Honestly though we could probably save just a little if it weren't for our kids thinking that its just us in the household and we're setting on piles of cash. That we are not.  We have bills just like the rest of the people in this country. I just cannot convince the kids of this. They don't realize that when they come to us for enabling that we often take from our groceries.

Now, for most of us we could use some Tough Love to help us Stop Enabling Adult Kids

For me personally, Things I Have Learned From My Adult Kids

We know, we've all been there loving an addict and enabling them until there is nothing left.

I have told them in the past- we did it! We had to stand up. No one took care of us and paid our way through life. We had to do it all on our own. Yes we always went without. It is called sacrifices and we made plenty of those so that the kids didn't go without. Guess what? We made it!!!!

Our TV went to crap, our refrigerator is on it's last leg and what do we do? Well, we're watching TV on the little one from the bedroom until we can afford another one and we're praying for the refrigerator to get better.

It seems over the past few months all the utilities have went up yet again. Just where in the world can I find happiness dealing with the bills and household budget and the household finances?
Hopefully this set of challenges can help!

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