Saturday, October 22, 2016

The Truth About It

About a week ago I shared a video that was floating around Facebook for days about the teenagers finding their parents overdosed. Personally for me I felt (and others who shared it) felt that was the reality videos that need shared and watched.

Stop using pictures of cigarettes and coffee in the classrooms and speak the truth about heroin and heroin and opioid addiction.

Our young people aren't losing their lives while smoking cigarettes and drinking coffee at the local coffee shop.

Dealers won't give your kiddies cups of coffee. They will hand your child a little baggie of pure evil.

Say it's name! It's name is heroin. It will rob, steal and in the end it will take the life of someone you love and care about.

If you've never met Satan, just wait until someone you love gets addicted to heroin!


Today I noticed the video is gone and the account of the person associated with the video terminated. Boy they really don't want the general public to see the real everyday life of someone addicted to heroin, or the real face of heroin and what it has done to hundreds of thousands of families each and every day.

In my opinion, everyone needs to see videos just like that. It is the reality for many of us who live it everyday. Why does it seem like there are those who want to hide it away?

Would you rather see a video of reality so that you can know the symptoms or a Disney made movie about it?

Folks, Disney doesn't perform at funerals!!!!

OR maybe this is the last picture you want to see of someone you love when heroin addiction has run its course and taken someone you love so dear.

pic from: legacyfreedom

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