Saturday, October 15, 2016

I Am Still An Angry Addicts Mother

I know my son and our family has been through hell and back-

I am still the angry addicts mom.

I know my son went to a recovery program

I am still the angry addicts mom.

I know my son isn't using today.

I am still the angry addicts mother.

Many families are not so lucky to make it out of this addiction alive. I am so blessed to say all of the above.

But, I am still an angry addicts mother.

When I hear that an official said my son looks like his dad, but acts just like me-

What exactly does that mean?

When I hear an official who has heard our story and watched me cry has propositioned my addict son to make some controlled buys on the streets. Thankfully my son is strong enough in his recovery to tell them, No Thank You!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (as well as some other words)

I go from angry to a pissed off addicts mother!

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