Saturday, October 15, 2016

Parents Overdose On Facebook Live

If you are on Facebook this video may have hit your newsfeed last week. It is a live video of two teenagers who came home to find their parents overdosed on heroin.

Now, in my opinion they should have called 9-1-1 but they chose to video it and live stream it to Facebook.

Several groups I belong to locally in this heroin epidemic asked it not to be shared there do to the sensitive nature of the video. I ask why? Why not share this? If it isn't in your living room right now there is a chance that this will be in your living room tomorrow, the next day or a month when you love someone addicted to heroin, opiates or other drugs.

This video is real, it is live and does contain sensitive material, but if you love someone addicted, you really should watch this video so that you can see and know the signs of what to look for when the time comes that your loved one is in an overdose state. It could save your loved ones life!!!!!!!

I take it the forces that took over the Internet last week do not want anyone to see reality of what happens when you are addicted to heroin and overdose because the video was removed. What a shame!!!!

What a shame that we live in a generation of emotionally weak people. Does heroin care? Nope.
Heroin has probably affected you or someone you care about. Many don't know about it yet others are still hidden in the stigma this drug and addiction places on people.

Why does it feel as if everything has to be watered down because so many find so much to be offended about, including the truth and those of us who speak it?

video from youtube

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