Saturday, October 1, 2016


Today is October 1st already. I sat yesterday looking out the window at the cold rain falling and wondering, just where did September go?

It feels we have went from the hot days of summer over to fall in just about a day. I love the fall- cooler temps, the colors of fall even the smells of fall- but the cooler temperature is reminding me of the coming season.

I know as the temperatures get colder there won't be as many events and that is okay.

Just for today I am happy. I am happy that I have less stress than yesterday. I am happy that I can see my son growing stronger and stronger each day as he rebuilds that foundation of healthier living away from addiction.

It is a great feeling.

Today, my son isn't using.

Today, he is the man that we always knew he could be.

Today, is another day of hope and love!

Today although it is cool and rain showers are around I feel truly blessed, if it is only just for today!

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