Saturday, July 16, 2016

A Brand New Start

On Sunday July 10th I had just posted the first installment of my PROJECT: Gone, But Never Forget Them. It was Kathy's story about her daughter, Tiffany who lost her battle with heroin and addiction in 2014.

I was PMing with Kathy Stevens Butts thanking her for her story of her beautiful daughter Tiffany and telling her no new changes for our son Kyle. I was telling her how I was losing Hope that we would ever be able to save our son. I had already gotten there.

See, My heart had been talking to me for several weeks. I tried to find the messages it was giving. I can't explain it other than I knew it felt as if it were preparing me for something. I don't know if you ever get those feelings in your heart. I do often.

My phone rang. I answered it and it was Justin from Newness of Life in Huntington, WV. He said he had gotten a call from someone up here who told him that there was a guy up here gonna die today if someone didn't get him out of here. He said, mama if you don't get your boy today he's gonna die.

Justin had made contact with the guy, reached out to him, talked to him and it turned out is was our son, Kyle.

Justin asked if Kyle wanted to go down could we bring him. I told him yes. He said he was going to call our son back and would get back to me in a few minutes.

After hanging up the phone I thought for a minute. We don't even know where our son is. So, this should be a great Sunday adventure- probably a lot like playing Where's Waldo in Berkeley County? That is how it has felt for so many months. We haven't even seen our son in seven months. He had blocked us from his Facebook snooping, from his phone and from his life so, how was Justin so confident that he would even let us talk to him much less allow us to take him?

Hubby went out and started clearing the seat off in our vehicle. He asked, do you think he will really get in the car with us? I said, I don't know but we have to go. We've got to try and if he doesn't or he says no then we will know we tried. We did the best that we could.

Justin called me back and I told him, "Justin we don't even know where our son is."

He told me, "If I tell ya will you go get him. If you don't your son is going to die today. I don't know how much time he really has, but he hasn't got much time today. He's using now."

Using had been the problem. His using today was not a big surprise. I told him yes we would.

Justin said, "He will be standing in your daughters backyard."

I thought, WOW!!! Just like that? Nah that sounds too easy dude.

I called our daughter and asked if her brother was there and she told me no. She saw him the day before, but hadn't seen him that day. I told her we were coming over for awhile.

She walked to her window and her brother was standing in the yard.

When I speak of Angels, I know they are real. For one, it had to be an angel that alerted Justin that our son was in bad shape.

It had to be an angel that gave Justin my phone number.

It had to be an angel that brought our son to where we could find him.

I thought we would have a real fight on our hands. We talked for a few minutes because in the end the decision to go would have to be up to Kyle.

I had came and made the offer to take him, I needed to hear the words from him. After a few minutes and my suggesting we had some things to do so.... I went to turn and he said mommy get me out of here.

Kyle has been at Newness of Life since, July 10th

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