Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Drug Overdose and Preventable Death

I just heard on a news report that in this country overdose deaths are exceeding the number of car crash fatalities. When I heard that report given first it was of no surprise really. I thought, WOW that is just the craziest because accidental overdose death are preventable.

Currently here in Berkeley County
according to the report out from Recovery Resource Director, Kevin Knowles our total overdoses year to date are over 500. Now remember, that is just the number of calls not the actual calls.

Now, this number doesn't reflect the overdose deaths which we know continue to grow. When I called last month (June) none of the numbers had yet to be compiled for year to date.

The reports out from late 2015 already tell us that with the total number of deaths per capita that Berkeley County is one of the highest counties here in West Virginia for overdose deaths. We know that in April/May the number being reported was at thirty five.

As you can imagine, we on this side of the addiction hearing just one more it breaks our heart.

It breaks our heart hearing the stories of yet another family who has to plan a funeral for a loved one.

The website The Drug Policy Alliance says,
"Accidental drug overdose is currently the leading cause of injury-related death in the United States for people between the ages of 35-54 and the second leading cause of injury-related death for young people. Drug overdose deaths now exceed those attributable to firearms, homicides or HIV/AIDS.
Most of these deaths are preventable, but the "tough on crime" rhetoric of the drug
Read More @>>>>>>>>> Drug Overdose | Preventable Deaths | Drug Policy Alliance

***From September 2015 to date Help 4WV has helped 100 people in Berkeley County find a treatment facility.***

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