Monday, July 4, 2016

Local Certified Addiction Counselor Accepting New Patients

Many times when speaking of Addictions treatment we only think of the actual treatment center; the building where the healing begins. We often don't take into consideration that our loved one may need after care. Or we don't have that knowledge of the entire process. Many people believe treating stops on the last day in a treatment center or facility.

One of our local counselors and therapists is, Debbie Maiorano. Debbie is a Licensed Professional Counselor and Certified Addictions Counselor with 15 years experience here in Martinsburg, WV

"The larger, busy operations seemed to get noticed, while the small, independent practitioners get over-looked.  I am out here wanting to help.... but as much as everyone says..... there are no services.

I don't have folks asking for services I am offering.  Maybe because I don't offer medications?  I cannot prescribe medications but I can help with getting your life back together. I am willing to provide services at a reduced fee......... sliding scale!"

If you are interested in talking to her or for more information, you can contact her:

Debbie Maiorano, LPC, CADC, NCGCII
124 1/2 S. Queen Street
Martinsburg, WV  25401
For more information please visit her website at,
And also,
Psychology Today

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