Saturday, July 30, 2016

Today, I Am Grateful For The Rain

When I think of all the things I am grateful and thankful for it is often like looking into a kaleidoscope. So many things swirling around in my mind. So much beauty and yet still so much pain.

Today I am grateful for the rain that is falling.

Rain falling on my flowers and my garden.

Rain for the grass which is turning brown from the lack of thereof.

Rain for the ground under our feet which is turning hard.

The dark clouds in the sky to the south. The sun appearing in the sky to the north.  I hope for a rainbow but still grateful for the rain.

We need some rain not only to water our gardens and vegetables and flowers but also to fall and wash away the old but to bring about the new again.

I am learning that with the sun some rain must also fall to wash away the sorrows and the pain. With the rain that is falling and the new day ahead I am thankful for this beautiful day.

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