Saturday, December 17, 2016

APP: Narcan Now

Adapt Pharma, Limited, launched of a new smartphone app, NARCAN Now. This free app provides guidance and education for recognizing symptoms of a suspected opioid overdose, a 3-step guide for administering NARCAN (naloxone HCI) Nasal Spray, an instructional video and immediate access to local emergency 911 services.

The app's simple and easy-to-use design equips those administering NARCAN Nasal Spray with an important new tool that complements the prescribing and patient information.  NARCAN Nasal Spray is not a substitute for emergency medical care. See indications and important safety information below.

The NARCAN Now app is available through Apple iTunes Store and Google Play for Android 

NARCAN Nasal Spray is the only FDA-approved, ready-to-use naloxone nasal spray that delivers a 4 mg concentrated dose of naloxone in a single spray.  NARCAN Nasal Spray is available at a discounted Public Interest Price to qualifying group purchasers including law enforcement, community naloxone distribution programs and first responders.  The product has 3rd party insurance coverage. 

A free carton of NARCAN Nasal Spray is also available for every high school in the United States.

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