Friday, December 9, 2016

(Song) One Last Breath

If you love someone actively using and abusing heroin (or drugs) take a few moments right now, set aside all of your differences and misunderstandings, for one moment let go of all of those pent up feelings and anger, take a deep breath and reach out to your loved one. 

Let them know you love them the person, not the drug.

Offer them help for their addiction instead of a handout.

Who knows?

Right this very minute they could be on the edge and just holding on before falling.

Maybe they are at the end of the road to nowhere and trying to escape.

Maybe they are down to one last breath.

It's possible that your loved one has realized that somewhere in His grace

They only want to live.

They are calling out to the heaven's, "Save Me"

It's possible today that your someone who is using could be 

Six feet from the edge and falling quick and thinking maybe six feet ain't so far down.

As long as they are breathing there is Hope and a way out.

video from youtube
The words for this post is from the lyrics to the song, One Last Breath

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