Friday, December 30, 2016

Be Happy On The Road

The next set of challenges is Be Happy On The Road and related to traveling. Most of them mention traveling abroad but it's okay. We can integrate them into traveling within the United States if we don't travel outside of the country.

I want to travel more in 2017. Wait that should say I just want to take a vacation in 2017. We haven't had one of those for about eight or nine years. We are overdue for one.

We personally love seeing new places throughout our beautiful state of West Virginia. Much of her beauty is masked by this heroin and opioid epidemic however.
We have a list of all of the places we want to visit in the state. It's sort of a bucket list.

I peeked through the next set of challenges and they do share a lot of ideas for those who travel.

pic from dreamstime

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