Saturday, December 3, 2016

Supporting Recovery During the Holidays

The holidays are hard on a lot of people. They are especially hard on those who are suffering from addictions. The holidays can also be stressful on those of us who love an addict because we know how quickly their addiction can escalate.

This is also a time that we are reminded of triggers on our loved ones living in recovery. Discuss this with your loved one in Recovery. Let them know you are available to talk at any time. Have a plan and a back up plan in place.

Because of the holidays upon us and because I only want my son to continue on his road to recovery I just recently asked my son if I was a trigger to him mainly because in his early years of using and abusing Heroin I was his biggest enabler. Being an enabler can also mean that you are a trigger. As and enabler you are an easy way for them to score some cash to get the drug if they have fallen and slipped in their recovery. As an enabler you are easily entangled in the web of lies. I needed to know. It would have hurt me if he said yes, but I would have had to understand.

"Holidays can be stressful for anyone, particularly for those in recovery. Besides the temptations to party hearty that seem to be everywhere, there are also the feelings of depression and being left out to contend with. Don’t let the holidays get you down or cause you to slip. Here are some tips to support recovery during the holidays...."
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