Saturday, December 10, 2016

"STOP THE MADNESS" (1985, 1986) Anti-Drug Music Video

This video includes Claudia Wells, New Edition, LaToya Jackson, Whitney Houston, David Hasselhoff, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Kim Fields, Herb Alpert, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Darrell Creswell, Tim Feehan, Casey Kasem and Boogaloo Shrimp from the Breakin' franchise. Perhaps the main star of the video was Ronald Reagan's wife, Nancy Reagan, whose main cause as First Lady was speaking out against drugs, and forming the "Just Say No" anti-drug association. Mrs. Reagan appeared twice in Stop the Madness.

This video also featured Stacy Keach, an actor arrested and jailed for possession of cocaine in 1984 immediately prior to the release of the video to American high schools.

As I watched the video I swear I thought a lot about Whitney Houston whose life was taken from drug use. I also thought I spotted a young Prince. How many in this video of years ago are now or has been affected by their own drug use?

It is one thing to for our celebrities to say, I am using this message in a more personal way to say I had a drug problem and I got help for it; than to say Look at me, I am fabulous and behind closed doors I secretly use and abuse drugs.

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