Sunday, December 4, 2016

Challenge Myself: Day #131 Adapting In a Crisis

Today is Day #131 of the Nar Anon Group Just For Today Challenge. I am also integrating the Live Happy into my Challenge. The Live Happy Challenge for today is to learn to adapt to change in a crisis.

The book says,

Change is inherent in every crisis, whether personal, societal, environmental, political, global, or some other type.

You'll manage the crisis of your life better if you learn to not only adapt to change but to search for the gains (rather than the losses) from each one.

By focusing on and finding the profit in a crisis, you are more likely to experience positive emotions, such as openness, compassion, love and hope, and fewer of the negative emotions, such as fear, apprehension, sadness and anger that accompany many crisis events.

I think for most of us when dealing with the disease of addiction we go into panic mode. Those emotions we go through are all part of human nature. Loving an addict we deal with denial, anger, fear, and so many more.

Just For Today:  Emotions are human nature. My immediate response is to panic. Maybe if I can find ways of better handling my emotions.

pic from livingonloveandcents
From the book: Live Happy

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